Wrong translation?

I remember seeing the sentence a while ago and the translation has always bothered me:
Our store is in a small alley off of western street.

I thought 少し was an adverb/noun meaning “a little” rather than an adjective meaning small. Shouldn’t it be “our store is in an alley a little off the western street”?

Yeah, I like your translation better.

“Our shop is a little into an alley off western street”

The 少し is modifying the verb 入った so it is “shortly from entering” or something along those lines.

You can email wanikani and let them know about potential mistakes like this since they are working on content.

アルク has an example with a similar construct:
on a side street just off

Based on that から、少し路地に入ったところに would be “on an alley a little bit off the western street,” like you said. I tend to agree too.

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Google did find results for “少し路地”, although not that many (only about 60,000).


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