Wrong for correct answer

You need to put the exact text as it is listed in the Meanings section, not just a part of a meaning. I.e. “Giant Buddha statue” is correct, “Buddha statue” is wrong. You can also add a user synonym if you like :slight_smile:

It has to be giant or large statue. An ordinary sized statue won’t do.


I think the correct answers specifically request for “giant” or “large” Buddha statue. You could of course, add your answer “buddha statue” as a synonym, but really 大仏 refers to big boys like

and I’ve been super Leebo’d



I thought it means specifically 大仏 in 東大寺 in Nara.

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Is that the only giant Buddha statue?

No, it refers to any large buddha statue. Nara is just the largest bronze daibutsu.


Side note, a regular-sized Buddha statue is 仏像.

The English Wikipedia lists sixteen statues named “Daibutsu”. The Japanese Wikipedia lists a hundred of them, just in Japan.

I’ve been to the one at Kotoku-in (Kamakura), the one at Todai-ji (Nara), and the one at Nihon-ji (Nokogiriyama - which, fun fact, is the tallest seated Daibutsu in Japan, and third-tallest overall). Plus the Hundred-Shaku Kannon also at Nihon-ji, which apparently doesn’t count as a Daibutsu.

The one at Nara was first, supposedly.


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