Japanese Joke: 正しい

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I’ve had the absolute worst time remembering the reading for ただしい. Over and over again I’d get it wrong, even when I thought I had the mnemonic down. “Tada!!!” says the clown while jazz handing, “That’s correct!” LOL it just would not stick :woman_shrugging:

I was complaining talking to my Japanese friend about it and they told me a joke. I’ve gotten the reading right every time since! I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but I thought I’d share :slightly_smiling_face:. It’s humorous at the very least lol


Hehe that’s pretty good. I used the name of the big brother from Big Hero 6 as my way of remembering.


According to my teacher, his father-in-law would say he was always right, because his name was 正男まさお(ただしいおとこ)


Oh yeah, that’s a good one! He’s a smart/straight laced kinda guy haha rip Tadashi


Okay so I had to look up the meaning for that name and you’re right (see what I did there?), that is funny! Haha


Honestly this is basically a dad joke :joy:


Indeed! More precisely it’s 駄洒落(だじゃれ)

Tofugu has a great article about it:

My favorite so far is the name of the personal trainer in manga “How heavy are the dumbbells you lift?”. He’s called 街雄(まちお)鳴造 (なるぞう)which is a pun on
マッチョに成るぞ!(“Become a buff dude!”).


I’m looking forward to one day catching on to those types of puns!! It’s interesting, since for puns to work they may actually rely on a deeper understanding of language than a typical x = y joke (potential ‘lameness’ aside haha)

Like, @Saida’s 正男まさお(ただしいおとこ) comment about the father in law being Right Man, or Mr. Right basically. I thought it was amusing when I looked up the name, and got the gist, but didn’t really get the おとこ bit. Then I realized the お - in his name is from the man kanji and I was like, ohhhh “なるほど!” :bulb::joy:


As far as puns are concerned, that article linked to an article about number puns. Apparently 420 would be 失恋

Read about it:


Fun fact: the height of the Tokyo Skytree was chosen for its goroawase - 634 metres, read as むさし, which is the name of the old province that encompassed Tokyo, most of Saitama, and parts of Kanagawa.


Yep. I remember that when we were in 日本国

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