Written hiragana and voiced pronuncation mismatch

Might just be me, but the voice recording for the level 17 vocab 主因 sounds like ちゅいん as opposed to the written しゅいん.

An error? Or I’m mis-hearing it?

Sounds like しゅいん to me.

EDIT: I asked my (Japanese) girlfriend what she heard without telling her what word it was. She said しゅいん.


That’s weird. First time in I’ve ever thought the written and pronuncation sounded different in like almost two thousand vocab but seems pretty conclusively my error from what you say.

There’s this weird issue sometimes where the audio gets clipped after the first play if you don’t refresh the page. The first play on my phone clearly sounds like しゅいん. But then on subsequent plays (until I refresh) the beginning is clipped so I can hear it as ちゅいん.


Something something my girlfriend is Japanese and she said that I’m actually right and Wanikani is wrong.

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Ah yeah I’ve noticed the before. Maybe it was the case this time. When I went and checked it on my PC instead of this laptop it sounded fine and I thought I had just had a weird brain fart that morning. But that it might be a clipping issue makes me feel better lol!

Either way it doesn’t seem to be a genuine bug so I’ll mark as solved or delete the thread, whatever I can do / seems more appropriate. Not sure yet as I don’t use the forum all that much.

Mark it as solved, I’d say. :slight_smile: That way, others that have questions about audio issues can run into this thread and they might be helped right away.


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