Writing Practice PDFs (Download in comments)

Just found them… thanks a lot!

Great idea, and thanks a lot to help all of us with the stroke orders !
I wanted to check each kanji on jisho, but I felt it was so huge a task that I didn’t even finish lesson one. You made everything easier, and you re-motivated me to learn how to write kanji. Thanks a lot !!

It’s gone! All the links go to an error page on dropbox. I want this so much, can anyone make it available, again?

Really glad I just found this! Writing practice isn’t exactly my main focus but still nice to do some, especially when it’s made this easy! :slight_smile:

You can still get PDFs for all levels here (links grabbed from Github Readme)

Kanji: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/241661/WK-KanjiPapers_022016.zip
Vocab: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/241661/WK-VocabPapers_022016.zip

Could someone reupload the kanji sheets, pls?

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I second this.

Yes! Does anyone have these kanji sheets? Or know if the code on github will work for generating more?

The files are no longer available in Dropbox, what happened to them?

Hey everyone, sorry to keep you waiting. Due to Dropbox removing the Public Files feature, the PDFs seem to have been removed.

I will try to compile an updated version of the practice sheets and re-upload them through the next few days.


This is going to be a great help, thanks!

Thanks a lot for your effort.

Ooh, that would be lovely, I just discovered this post and I would love those PDFs. I’ll even burn a turtle for you in exchange. :fire: :turtle: :fire:

commenting for later

@suchmaske, Meanwhile I already had [WaniKani worksheets on my dropbox].

Please use this new link for the kanji and vocabulary worksheets.


Thanks a lot for sharing!

I am trying to port/rewrite the worksheet generator in Python3. However, I currently only have time for that on the weekend. As soon as I have got updates, I will post them here.

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If you accept suggestions, I think it would be a great idea to make an option to generate the PDFs with the info for the kanjis and no space to write them. If some people are anything like me, they will have to write the kanjis like a thousand times more than the ones you can fit on the space on the PDF anyway, so I’ll rather print just the info and practice in a notebook

Hi everyone,

I have updated my code and re-generated the PDFs. You can now download the files here:



Thanks. I’ve updated my post to show your link.

With the vocabulary worksheets, there are no stroke order diagrams. I assume this is because there can be multiple kanji in a vocabulary item and the page format does not accommodate this.

I’m willing to pay $50 to whom sends a patch to add this feature I requested. I know is not much, but I can’t afford more at the moment.