Writing Practice PDFs (Download in comments)

Meaning, each page filled with a few dozen kanji and their info, and you would do writing practice on your own separate paper? Or a single kanji per page, but no grid, so you can write as small as you want, 1000+ times?

[Not that I’m planning to work on this… I’ve got too much on my plate. But I’m curious. And who knows, maybe there’s already something out there that someone is familiar with.]

First one of your options is what I’m looking for.

Hi there,

so you basically want a kind of printable spreadsheet containing kanji, reading and translation?

Yeah. Kanji with stroke orders, kunyomi, onyomi, meaning.

wow thank you so much for sharing!


I opened an issue on github to save your request to my repository.

I will work on it when I have the time, but I can’t make any promises about when it will be ready.

You still would like to keep the level-by-level separation, right?

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Yeah, the idea is the same as you originally had, I just prefer to have the info in one sheet and do the writing in a separate one.

amazing, thanks a lot!!! :smiley:

Hey thanks so much! Just what I was looking for :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

In case anyone else is interested, I uploaded a mock-up of my suggested alternative layout to Github, but I’m posting here a copy too. The number of elements in the mockup is pretty random, I just wanted to expose this alternative grid layout with no write practice space:

I’m still willing to pay those $50 to whom implement this feature.

Looks nice, gonna give it a try. ありがと !

Hi everyone
Was trying to have a look and use the kanji practicing pages mentioned by @mav on github but seem to find only an empty webpage.
Any suggestions?

The website that’s supposed to have the links isn’t working. I’d love to use these PDFs, but none of the links on this page worked. I hope you’ll see this, and find a way to make them available again.

Thank-you for making that resource available


Thank you so much! I was looking for something like this for a while.

I owe you so much thanks a ton for sharing :sob: <3

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Thank you so much for these! I’ve really been itching to learn how to write my Kanji and vocab alongside my lessons, so this is perfect :smiley:

Sorry for barging in but I think some of you might like this:



This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!