Writing IME?

Several users such as @plantron have mentioned using a writing IME to be able to SRS writing kanji as well, but where can you find something like this for any platform? (e.g. iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, Windows, etc.)


EDIT: This discussion is primarily about iOS and iPadOS, but information about other platforms is welcome. :slight_smile:

Here’s a summary:
Android - Free! Use the native keyboard or Gboard
iOS/iPadOS - $8.99 for Mazec or use the native Traditional Chinese keyboard (but no kana)
macOS - Some apps available (research this); native Traditional Chinese keyboard
Windows - Some apps available

I didn’t have to install any apps on my Galaxy Note 9. I just added Japanese keyboard and it works pretty much out-of-the-box.

For other phones this may not be as simple. I think it’s easy for Note 9 because the phone was designed to be used with a stylus anyway.

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For iOS and iPadOS, there’s no native software Japanese handwriting keyboard. A close alternative for kanji is the Simplified Chinese Handwriting keyboard; it can recognize Japanese character forms in addition to Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Interestingly, it can even recognize Japanese-only characters such as 働 and 峠.

If you want to write full sentences in Japanese including the kana, you can download a 3rd party keyboard like Mazec which is a paid app.


Since I don’t own any iOS devices, I can’t vouch for this but I found something for Chinese


For Android, Gboard has built in Japanese handwriting, you just have to dig into the options to enable it.

MacOS only has pad-drawing for chinese built in. Not sure if there’s third-party for Japanese.


Gboard doesn’t have handwriting for iOS devices :cry:

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I just use the built in kana flick keyboard, but there is this (since handwriting was mentioned):

I have not used it, but I’ve met people who have. Some loved it, some hated it. A little expensive for me.


Back in my Galaxy S3 days, native support for Japanese from Samsung was also non-existent. For example, I could not change my phone language to Japanese, and adding a Japanese keyboard was a pain. By the time I got my Galaxy Note 4, they had fixed this. To be honest, I don’t know if it was a Samsung problem or an Android problem.


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