Would you recommend Bunpro?

Ok so I’d say my grammar knowledge is mid N4 and I would like to take the JLPT N4 next year and eventually get to N1.

I’ve managed to find an effective way to study vocabulary and kanji that seems to resonate with my learning style, digital flash cards (like Wanikani and Memrise) but I can’t say the same for grammar study. At the moment I use the speed master textbook and I additionally write 3 sentences of my own per grammar concept but I don’t really feel that it’s sticking as well as vocabulary and kanji.

A few people have been talking about Bunpro so I would like to know if those who use it would recommend it, is it worth the price (I don’t have tons of money), is now a good time for me to use it? Ect. I don’t want to waste the 30 day trial hahah.

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Works very well for me!

While I kept trying to learn grammar, I really struggled finding the right resources for me. So when I finally got into a groove of daily grammar with BunPro about 9-ish months ago, I was at a higher WK level than you are now - I think somewhere in the mid to late 20s? I don’t really remember.

Having more words under my belt, I decided to start reading through one of the Ace Attorney games after going through most of one of the playlists on the youtube channel KawaJappa CureDolly (the channel that finally made me capable of progressing my grammar).

So I ended up reinforcing all the BunPro grammar as I learned them through reading. I started off understanding shockingly little when I started case 1, and after numerous months, I concluded the game understanding basically everything.

So I personally think BunPro + reading works great! I can’t speak for how well things stick by depending on the SRS alone. Still gets a very hearty recommendation from me, because I don’t think I would have made such steady and (by my woeful grammar standards) speedy progress without it. :+1:


Yes, highly recommend it, it’s one the best resources I have. The moderators are actively improving it with more features and content plus they have their own native app (just request the test flight). They have more material per N level than I’ve seen in other resources with ~12 sentences per grammar point!

Some things to be aware, it’s not necessarily a JLPT prep course (though organized by JLPT). So productive input from English into Japanese helps with writing/speaking but outside exposure on listening/reading comprehension is certainly necessary. Some of the common requests I see have been to finish the audio, N1 material and custom cram features which I’m sure they will get there. Outside resources are still necessary given grammar complexity (dictionary/handbook/natives) but the moderators are very helpful on the message boards.


Yes its definitely worth it! You get a little red stamp over the grammar you add to your review pile. I was so motivated to cover all the grammar in little red stamps that I started studying grammar every single day :nerd_face:

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I also agree that it’s very much worth it. Besides, it’s pretty cheap, like $3 for the monthly plan (and I think $5 when its completed), cause believe me, I’m also pretty tight in money.
I love that they have a study path based on common textbooks (like genki, minna, tobira, and planning to add more I think), cause I think that’s a pretty good way to go around it.

I don’t know how well it is at teaching grammar as a unique study tool, I think grammar can be somewhat difficult to really get, but if you go through a textbook as well and know where to look for more info, bunpro will definitely be worth it to reinforce everything


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