Worst level so far?

All the Judge kanji vocab make my head hurt, if I’m unsure on the vocab I just end up guessing “Judgement” because there’s so many that have that as the meaning. 判 specifically kept tripping me up.

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What is even the problem with that man? I think you can even try to say that there is still more to work out than what we all that we can all come up with. You can start by giving us a lot of details such name age and address. That is one way to work with it and all I know is that there is one way for it.

I hate to answer, and sound incredibly noob-like, but I find myself constantly coming back to level 10. I have advanced past 10 several times, making it to 15 or 16 at the farthest, but once reviews start piling in, I realize that my comprehension starts dropping around level 10, so I reset to 10 and do it again. But it’s like, I never can retain anything past that point.

aren’t you reading nhk easy news every day or any manga?

It looks like to help in retention.

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I was reading NHK easy news, I’ll have to get back to it. Manga isn’t really my thing, but the stuff I want to read is waaaaay past 10, lol. The news is a great tip.

I think a script that rewrote NHK Easy News to highlight kanji vocabulary that you’ve studied in WK would be exceedingly helpful. In fact, it would be so useful, that like jisho.org helpfully tells us what level a kanji is on WK, NHK should have a place to drop an API key and just do this natively for you.

Anyone have a developer contact at NHK? :slight_smile:

FWIW, I think just highlighting kanji that you know if it’s used in a vocabulary word you don’t know is less helpful. I want to know if I should know the word or not. After all the point is to learn to read vocabulary, not necessarily learn to read pictograms in isolation.

Edited: WK should offer to lend NHK a developer to do this for them. It would be great advertising for WK and in return Easy News gets more readers.


If I undertood correctly, actually there is a different version of yomichan that when you highlight the word to see the meaning it shows its WK level.


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I have just wrapped up 21 and honestly didn’t find it particularly worse than other levels - the ‘judge’ vocabulary is kind of annoying - I have a few words that aren’t sticking well, but I don’t think particularly more than in lvl 19 or 20. I may think differently if I have words coming back from it over and over in a few weeks, but to me that’s part of the ebb and flow of my not so great memorization skills.

Good luck!!

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I think I was overrating this level in advance based on everything I’ve read here lol.
I’m almost guru’ing the radicals and the first 20-ish kanji from L21. So far, nothing scary. The two “judge” kanji haven’t been unlocked yet, so I might have trouble with them later on.
I’m starting to build up leeches from past levels (around 60 mean items for me)… Maybe in the near future the vocabulary from L21 will be keep coming back to haunt me :sweat_smile:

The difficult part of level 21 is not the kanji, it’s the damn vocabulary. It has completely messed up my flow. Currently on level 25, and most of the stuff haunting my Apprentice stack is that damn vocabulary.


Ohh, I imagined that could be the case.


Well, it was good while it lasted lol Soon I’ll start the vocab. I’ll see how it goes. :confounded:

While this yomichan dictionary could certainly help, the user would still need to highlight each word themselves to determine whether (and where) it appears in WaniKani. Also, some of the information won’t be 100% correct since WK has added/moved stuff. Not sure whether @Kumirei intends to update this to reflect recent changes, since the differences are minor.
(Note: the same is also true about WK info on Jisho – e.g. 又 is now level 51) :point_down:

Seems like @skatefriday was requesting something more like this (removes furigana above words previously learned through WaniKani):

I hadn’t considered it, but I can put it on my todo list


Oh that’s interesting. All that’s left to do is change the text color on the words with the furigana removed so that I have an easy indication that I should know it. e.g. Just the absence of furigana might not be colorful enough.

Just for the record: I completed L21 a couple of days ago. It didn’t feel any harder than other levels, however. It took me longer than usual, because of my being lazy and many times logging in only once a day. In any case, I’ve been slowing down my pace a bit since level 16 anyway. I’ll see how many leeches from this level come up in the future…

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did you check your workload graph for errors to check this level?

Not really and to be honest I’m not sure what that graph is. Is it a separate script?
With all fairness I just leveled up to L22 so the items from L21 may still keep coming back from failed reviews in the future.

this one

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Thanks for the suggestion!
It is a cool feature, and an interesting one—apparently I had the highest error percentages so far in L21 and L16. I assume the graph will keep updating as I go through the items from such levels. Hopefully, it won’t keep going up too much! :joy:

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you see, that’s a great script! :smiley:

For me it is lvl 21 and 26 my worst ones so far.

I changed strategy to keep aprentice levels below 90 and I see a decrease in errors already. I will keep this way, specially because I will start bunpro soon.

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