Worst level so far?

WOW, Mox! That’s impressive! I can’t wait until I’m doing that.

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I mean it wasn’t fun but I’m doing one level every 11-13 days, it did not end up slowing me down so no worries

I usually read one when I’m not involved in any matches on AEW Dynamite


What’s your favorite Japanese novel so far?

BTW, that match with Suzuki last week was amazing!

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The most amazing part was when I paid off the Sound Guy $100 before the match to cut off Suzuki’s music prematurely. Should have seen Suzuki’s face the moment it happened.

My favourite Japanese novel are the gory and violent ones of course. (In all seriousness it’s Hanzawa Naoki)


I thought he looked a little confused! And then you bow to him just as polite as can be!

Thanks for your recommendation about reading. I’ll put that on my list of to-read items when I get to that level.

Level 36 has been the worst so far for me-- mostly because I started slacking for a week or two. But after that everything’s been good. On level 42 now.

I’d be interested to hear about your interactions with Japanese wrestlers! Do they still reply with, 「日本語上手ですね!」? I feel like speaking Japanese could be a big advantage in the non-WWE wrestling world, but I don’t know much about it.


I’d be interested in that as well! One of the two giant reasons I started learning Japanese was because I was watching New Japan Pro-Wrestling. I always wondered how accurate the English sub-titles were. My first Japanese words were learned from Naito, Tanahashi, and Okada. The first complete Japanese sentence I understood was from Kenny Omega.


Kenny Omega has said that he got told that a lot when he joined NJPW but eventually everyone got used to it. I really don’t know any other 外人(がいく) wrestler who speaks as much Japanese as Kenny Omega. I saw videos of Fale speaking it about 10 years ago but it was pretty elementary and nowhere near Kenny’s level imo.

@dunlewy I’m the owner of this YouTube channel called Puroresu With Subtitles where I subtitle a lot of pretty interesting out of the ring stuff so check it out if you have the time :wink:


That sounds interesting! I will check it out for sure. Thanks!

I’ve been watching some of these. This is exactly what wrestling fans crave, a look at what happens with their favorite stars outside the ring! Please keep doing this. I’m having fun watching. Based on the sentence structure, your Japanese is really on a high level. Thanks for all the work on your channel!

OMG! Me too! Me too! Expectation, anticipation, assumption, preparation, plan.

Sometimes I feel WK gives you vocab that’s too abstract and similar too close together.

It really does! Recently I started confusing the kanji in 野菜 which is kind of embarrassing.

Since then I figured out the various 〜想 words by adding 想定内 and 想定外 to Anki and adding a synonym to 想定 to Wanikani, cause something didn’t add up when combining the kanji into one meaning.

There’s a bunch of kanji that have had me confused because they look so much alike. I guess that’s just part of it that we have to deal with. I usually put my confusing items side by side to find the differences, no matter how small. Then it’s easier.

This just happened 5 minutes ago…

Oh how I hate you 想


I’d just like to mention that I’ll be reaching level 21 in the upcoming days and this thread made me create a lot of expectations full of fear for what’s coming. I don’t usually pay attention to how level “X” was, I just follow the flow. This time in specific I’ll see it as its own entity. Wish me luck lol

I mean it wasn’t a fun level, but it’s not like it’s the boogeyman either. If you’ll notice, all the people complaining about it are past 21 already. If you made it this far, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it through 21.

21 does teach you 2 kanji that both mean “Judge,” with 23 teaching you another kanji that also means “Judge,” so you have to pay extra attention to keep track of the various vocab that mean like “judgement,” “trial,” and “to judge” using different combinations of the different “Judge” kanji.


How did you get WK to display the sentence as well??

It’s Show Simple Context Sentence

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