Worst level so far?

you see, that’s a great script! :smiley:

For me it is lvl 21 and 26 my worst ones so far.

I changed strategy to keep aprentice levels below 90 and I see a decrease in errors already. I will keep this way, specially because I will start bunpro soon.

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Wishing you all the luck!
I tend to keep my apprentice items at around <100, venturing up ever so occasionally (I got close to 200 once but fortunately it went rapidly down). I am noticing an increase in my leech numbers, however. I use the Leech Tables script and that shows I have 80-ish leeches atm which sounds just utter craziness (although I have no idea if that number actually sounds “ok” or not to have at my current level. To me it sounds bad lol). I might rethink my current strategy and studies to better handle all that…

Interestingly, I looked for this thread at level 21 as well! But I don’t know exactly what it is about it.

But level 3 will always be my worst level :slight_smile: it took me almost 4 years to pull out my wallet!

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I haven’t run into a rough level yet really. But I will probably find 42+ to be somewhat rough due to the fast levels and I tend to speedrun through the lessons no matter what. Just an hour ago I went through 92 lessons when I hit lvl 26, went somewhat smooth. I guess I don’t notice the rough levels.

The worst level is the last one. I have been on this one for nearly one year and am still getting about 60 reviews per day.