Worst level so far?

What in your opinion is the worst level for you so far? For me, it would be level 21 because it’s just full of boring words you might as well hear in a office setting :\ I mean, 事務所 literally is office so I’m not far off.
Also it doesn’t help they all mean the same thing to me! Sense of duty? Sense of responsibility? There’s nothing in my mind that distinguishes these!


My worst level so far is 15, because I was gone for about 200 days, I have to redo all the old radicals that they changed. Very annoying trying to learn the new meanings. At least they still let me use the old meanings during reviews.

So far, every new level is the worst level. Right now, 12 is kicking my butt like there’s no tomorrow.


That’s the only correct answer.

When you’re close to finishing a level you feel like a badass 'cause you’re guruing left and right and you’re typing the answers in a few seconds.

Then you level up and it’s back to “60% answered correctly” town.


Level 60+.


Level 9 for me. Between being out of town with no device to work on and having my computer down for weeks, it took nearly three months. I didn’t think I’d ever get out of level 9. I finally made level 10, although it isn’t showing yet.


It’ll show soon, congrats on getting to level 10! Reaching double digits feels so good, right?


Yes, it does feel good. Then, it is also close to going to Painful. Another adventure about to open up to me.


I’m currently in Level 21 and I agree. The words somehow don’t seem to stick in my brain as easily as in previous levels.


Good luck, it’s a small hurdle but it’s worth it
The next level is easier.

Levels 13. I kept failing. But thats prob because I was doing lessons at 7am in the morning when I was still half asleep


Level 9 was really bad. The second round of unlocked kanji for some reason just wouldn’t stick in my mind. Even now I still have a hard time remembering what at least 5 of the kanji are and their ON readings let alone their KUN readings. But I’m doing really well with level 10. It’s just… specifically those kanji and I got so frustrated I took a week break and considered a level 9 reset to start them fresh. Starting fresh seems to work better for me than trying to power through reviews.


“I’ll have the whole day for the first reviews!”
Yeah, I thought the same thing and it didn’t work for me either.


Defiinitely 17, and to a lesser degree 20+21. For 17, having 堂、常、and 栄 in the same level was rough, along with 非 and 悲 being in that same level as well for some unholy reason (it wasn’t originally so, I remember 悲 as being in an early level before they restructured it). Combine that with 愛 and 恋 being in there at the same time while 変 was still in rotation for me… ouch. Oh, and 渉 was just a completely random kanji that didn’t really stick for me until I realized it’s used in just 2 vocab, one of which is relatively common.

For me, 20+21 had the problem of too many similar readings (when combined with 19 as well). さい and ざい have 7 overall, ぼう has 4 I believe. I got 余、裕、and 容 confused very often due to them all having a yu or yo reading.

But yeah, 17 is the main offender.


Funny hearing level 21 a couple of times. That’s where I stopped last time and I had so much of a back log I decided to start over. Now I can’t wait to get back there and DESTROY THAT LEVEL!!! :crazy_face:

The revenge is going to be sweeet. :lollipop:


So far it’s been a joy ride, every level is a “AHAA so THAT’S what THAT kanji I’ve always been seeing around but could never actually read” moment


I took a brief break at level 21 as well… I guess there really is something about that level


Level 20 is when I ended up resetting.



I look forward to level 21 now :stuck_out_tongue:. For now, my worst level has been Level 1. Bet you won’t hear that often!


Do you think that getting into immersion, especially with reading manga, easy novels, and internet articles, would be a good way to prevent burnout at the above-mentioned levels and cement the difficult kanji into memory?