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Hello! I’m a bit new to this, I’ve only been using WK for about a month now and aside from making a single reply it’s just been grinding out the reviews and lessons when they’re available. I’ve seen posts of people saying that they pace themselves to do a certain amount of lessons everyday, or that they’re getting new lessons everyday to do. I find that I get a handful of lessons whenever I do enough reviews (and the pile that comes from a new level with new radicals) but I don’t ever really feel like I need to go at a pace, and quickly run dry and am just stuck to doing reviews.

I don’t have an issue with this, as my reviews are a bit rocky sometimes and I do need the extra practice to get the readings and meanings down, I just want to know if the pace of lessons delivered increases at some point to where I will need to start pacing myself and only doing a certain amount everyday, or if this is just a case of different people working at different speeds.

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How it works is: lessons are unlocked by either advancing the prerequisites of the lesson to guru (for kanji lessons the prerequisites are the component radicals, and for vocabulary lessons, the prerequisites are the component kanji), or by leveling up (you level up by advancing a level’s kanji items to guru level). The more items you unlock and review, the more lessons you’ll be unlocking as you go along.

I think you’ll benefit from reading The Ultimate Guide to Wanikani, it explains absolutely everything:


You will eventually need to pace yourself in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed as your number of reviews per day will increase by a lot over time.

thank you for pointing me to this, theres a lot of super good info here, not even just on my question but on things i didnt even think about :slight_smile:


I think that post is probably the most important piece of knowledge on these forums. I’m glad you find it useful, I certainly did a long time ago :grin:


In the last 2 and a half years, I’ve probably read that whole thing about a dozen times. Each time, I’ve found insights that have helped for each stage of the journey.



I’d only disagree in the scripts chapter. I like all the informative, display-more-data-type ones, but I think it’s perfectly possible to do wanikani without messing with the functionality. I’m talking about lesson reordering and double-check. :man_shrugging: matter of opinion.


Agreed, although I couldn’t live with some of the functionality provided by the Tsurukame App so it’s probably a subjective thing.

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I would probably die without double check, I’d still be on 猫 from typing “cta” so many times. I just have fat fingers.