Question about pacing and achieving 12 days per level


I’m a beginner to WaniKani and wanted to ask what my schedule would like like if I wanted to achieve a 12 days per level pacing. I read the beginner guide and also the ultimate guide to WK by jprspereira but I still do not fully understand how I would go on about achieving this.

In particular: Do I do all Radicals as soon as I unlock them? / Do I just divide every Item per level by 12 and then do that and if yes, is it different for levels 1 & 2?

I hope you guys can help me find my schedule and pacing.



I do 10 lessons per day (all available radicals, 3 kanji, and the rest vocab) and I level up in around 15 days with about 150 reviews per day.

I used to keep my apprentices at about 110-120 max and that was leveling me up in about 10 days but with a few more reviews daily.

I reckon about 15 lessons per day (maybe 5 kanji + 10 vocab) would be the sweet spot , perhaps faster than 12 days.

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Yeah, when I was still keeping on top of things, that was my schedule, and a level took me right around 12 days iirc

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Yeah, this sounds about right :slight_smile:

@oOShibaOO Try doing the 1st batch of kanji and radicals as priority lessons every time you level up. Then do around 10 lessons a day and that should get you there!

Also welcome and thanks for giving the guide a read \o/

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Thanks for you answer jp! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for you input pembo, appreciate it!

Maybe as an additional advice: Don’t treat the “radicals” here as actual lessons. You can actually breeze through those and not care much.
They are nice as a crutch for Kanji, but outside of Wanikani they are mostly useless and you should drop that crutch for Kanji as soon as possible anyway, no need in putting extensive time into remembering them.
Even if you forget them at times, if they are useful for Kanji they will come up so often, that you will remember them anyway and if not, by learning the few Kanji that use them you will still be reminded in time.
Failing on radicals and learn them over and over just takes away from what you actually want to learn, so if it helps, don’t be shy to use scripts so that you don’t fail them ever.

Of course thats only how I do it, there might be different opinions on this.

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Hey Sadia, really helpful stuff.

The radicals were the part that actually confused me the most. In the ultimate guide it said something about unlocking kanji with radicals together, I guess thats only valid for the later levels though. Nonetheless, I‘ll start my journey off tomorrow and hope everything will go well. In due time all my questions will be cleared up anyway, I suppose… :slight_smile:

Yes, after the first few levels you will usually unlock the new lessons Radicals and 30-40% of the Kanji for that level. For the other Kanji you need to move the Radicals of that level to “Guru” first.
As you want to do one lesson in 12 Days and get enough Kanji unlocked right from the start, you can simply substract 3.5 days (time until the last Kanji you learned for a level is at Guru) and leave the time the radicals need to guru out of the process.
You then have 8.5 days to spend on initially learning all Kanji, which is about 5-6 per day for most lessons (considering, you dont fail them until guru). This isn’t 100% accurate, but close enough. :slight_smile:

Have fun and keep at language learning, it’s a slow but wonderful journey if you make it fun for yourself!