Word suggestion? (For food bags)

Word: 切り口
Level: 3
Meaning: Tear Here
Alternate Meanings: Rip Here, Rip, Tear, Cut,
Reading: きりくち

Meaning mnemonic: You’ll see this on food bags a lot, so you eat the food with your mouth, but to get to the food, you cut the bag on the space where it says Tear Here.

Reading mnemonic: Unlike most of the other 〜り口 words, 口 does not rendaku, but, since 口 is a body part, the reading results in きりくち.


It’s probably pretty clear what it means though already without WK adding it – this one is just the sum of its parts: 切り and 口

I don’t think it’s necessary, since WK’s goal is not to provide every vocabulary word

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Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll look into whether we want to add this vocabulary word or not :+1:


If they haven’t read Tofugu’s rendaku article, they might think the reading would be きりぐち.


As long as we’re suggesting food words, I personally think WK should add 食う, 昼食, and 餌. The former two teach kanji readings that WK doesn’t currently cover while the later is a common non-WK kanji.


You have been doing quite a few of these “Word Suggestions” recently, and I am not opposed to the idea of adding more content.

That being said, it might be worth building up a little list of words that could be added instead of creating a new thread and tagging mods for each individual word.

  1. Because it’ll be easier for the mods if the words are all in one place, rather than spread out (makes less work for the mods to go and find the info from you!)

  2. Because you tag the mods every time :rofl: it’s probably easier if you have a list of 10 new vocab items to read at one time, then you only tag them once. Versus the alternative which is tagging them 10 times (which I imagine takes up a lot of their time).

Just something to consider :slight_smile:, but keep up the good work!


That actually is a great idea! I will make a new post with a “collection of word suggestions”, and anyone with a word suggestion of their own could reply in the comments. I definitely think this would encourage WaniKani to add more “fan-based” words!

And with that, @Mods, please close all my “Word Suggestion” threads!
(Except “Word Suggestion Central”, that is the thread I am talking about above here)

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And it’s closed! :sunglasses: