Buggy WaniKani review?

I know there’s already a hundred topics about people complaining an answer was marked wrong whereas they used a reading that doesn’t fit for vocabulary/kanji and all. Or also level downs because one half was wrong.

In this case in my review I was asked the word 入り口 and typed いりぐち。The bar went green to indicate a correct answer and I leveled down anyway. But the thing is not only the review never asked me the meaning, as far as I remember (so I didn’t get the other half wrong), if I look at the details of this word it says I’m at 100% for the meaning of this word and now 83% for the reading. Also weird because both are at 5 times and if the meaning really wasn’t asked then I’m not sure what’s going on. I might have forgotten that second part but the point is the bar went green for the reading and it marked it as wrong anyway and leveled me down.

Is there a way to look into logs to see what happened exactly or? It’s not the end of the world but it takes already enough time to go through repetitions and I’m trying to go through early levels as quickly as possible to reach my current level.

If you want someone to inspect your personal WK logs, it would be much more effective to email the very friendly team at hello@wanikani.com. :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright I’ll try that, thank you!

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Could be that you started a session earlier, but abandoned it? WK remembers unfinished items from that session for a while. So it would be that you did reading and meaning in that session, got the reading wrong, then closed the window, started a new session later, where you only reviewed the reading again. But then it would be weird that the review counter is at the same number for both meaning and reading…

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I did it in one go after waking up so it definitely was a single session. I did tab away for like 20s or so shortly before though I think? I’m not sure if that could have any impact.

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You get the level down notification after completing both reading and meaning portions of a review, so you got the meaning or reading wrong at some point and only got notified about the level down after completing the reading review for that item.

No that’s precisely the issue, it’s not what happened. I never saw the meaning being asked (and in my profile the meaning is at 100% anyway so even if I was asked I got it correctly). The reading got asked once, turned green when I input the answer and leveled me down anyway. And it hadn’t been asked before.


Could you have potentially capitalized the “i” when typing the reading? That would result in katakana being input for the reading, which would make it wrong. I know some people do that out of habit, or if you’re reviewing on your phone, it may’ve auto-capitalized it.

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I can’t tell you for sure if I did or did not do that honestly, but would it mark the answer green in that case?
Generally speaking I don’t think it’s a mistake I would make because I happen to work in Japan and am quite used to typing in it, but obviously we all make mistakes :x

In any case it’s not the end of the world, particularly for a vocabulary word as it unlocks nothing else, but I was mostly worried it was going to do something similar for kanji or radicals and was wondering if it was a common issue.

If it’s not then something probably happened on my side (like me double pressing enter or something, I don’t know if that’s a thing) and anyway I greatly appreciate the help people gave!

I’ll take screenshots if I ever encounter the same issue.

You could check the API to see what it logged for that review - but it doesn’t log your exact input, so you would likely see that you got the meaning correct, and that you messed up the reading once.

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