Word Suggestion Central

Level 5

  • ()()たり exceptional reading

Level 6

  • 心地(ここち) a fairly common word with exceptional reading

Level 7

  • (おそ)わる another important Kun reading

Level 11

  • (いたわ)る no Kun reading is taught for the Kanji
  • (いたわ)

Level 23

  • (じゅん)(いっ)(きゅう) alternative meaning for 準. Used in Kanken levels.

Level 32

  • ()(まなこ) another important Kun reading

Level 36

  • ()(らく) meaningful words, not just proper names

Level 53

  • (じゅん)(きょう)(じゅ) vocabularies that coincide more with the provided Kanji meanings

Level 56

  • (じゅん)() considering there are already 大尉, 少尉, 中尉

I could easily agree with these as well, though (いち)() might also be added.