Word suggestion: 〜州

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Level: 6
Word: 〜州
Reading: しゅう
Meaning: State

Meaning mnemonic: This is like a state counter, since you already know that this kanji means state. For example: メイン州, meaning the U. S. state Maine.

Reading mnemonic: This is the same reading you learned with the kanji. Lucky you!

Pattern 1: 〜州
California / カリフォルニャ州
Honshuu / 本州
Quebec / クェベク州

(Also, for a fun game, if you do live in a 州, what 州 do you live in? I am in ニューヨーク州)


I don’t think a separate 〜 version is necessary considering this already exists:





Yeah, I know Americans say “noo”, but in Japanese, it’s “nyoo”.

I’m in ニューサウスウェールズ州, which is really annoying when I had to write it out every time it needed to be mentioned in a class essay… since I studied at ニューサウスウェールズ大学.


Or perhaps nyuu?

I’m curious where you’re finding people who say “new” as noo. As in what accent


I’m really not sure how you’re getting oo there. How do you say new??



(Or fine, “nyuu”, if you want to go romaji instead of WaniKani-reading-mnemonic-style. It’s not ニョー.)

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Who lives in the longest 州 (spelled out in Japanese?) I’m in バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク州 :smiley:


Bah, beat me by one kana.

The full name of Rhode Island in Japanese used to be ロードアイランド及びプロビデンス・プランテーション州 (i.e. State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations), though the state apparently changed their official name in 2020, which is a bit rude (imagine not wanting to be the smallest state with the biggest name).

Probably the New York one (here at 3:24)

I believe they’ve transplanted the yuh sound from New to YHuge :wink:


Similar in length:




〜人 and 人 exist.
Number of people = name of state
Person = state

I do… so am I supposed to put ヌ?

Btw does anyone else find the NYC accent super interesting?

I mean I do mostly because I’m from NYC and don’t have an “NYC accent” at all but

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Yeah I love it. The surprising thing about that video was that the Burroughs don’t have distinct accents. It make sense it’s just weird to me. lol

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Cough I’m always up for being analyzed if you want
I do kinda have it by definition although not in any other category

Yeahh it really is more ethnicity + social class and such. Which does sometimes correlate with borough. NYC is a city of immigrants, and that’s kind also where the accents come from (afaik)

Yeah that’s the fascinating part. Like, Boston was mostly Irish so that’s how you get pahked cah but NYC is like a complete mix of Irish, Italian, English, etc.

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No, ニューヨーク is the established spelling in Japanese, so they might be confused by ヌーヨーク.

I tried running them both through Google to check prevalence - ヌーヨーク gets about three thousand results, more than a few of them questions like “is it ヌーヨーク or ニューヨーク?”

ニューヨーク, on the other hand, gets 204 million results.


I’m still confused but I’ll try finding some Australian audio clips on Youglish when I have time lol

I understand so much better now and wish I didn’t :skull: lmao

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