What's the latest English word you learned thanks to WK

I did not go to a Catholic school. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As a native speaker who did not go to a Catholic school, I can confirm the statement you quoted.

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Don’t worry, you’ll get there, or at least encounter one as a synonym…

I recently learned that discern can be a synonym of discriminate! I’d heard both words before, but not in the sense of “having keen insight and good judgment” which makes them synonyms…

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Be careful with the latter as it has more negative connotations for obvious reasons


I’m a native English speaker - I just learned the word ratification from an example of 批 (批准)

Other English words and phrases I learned recently (just finding these by looking through the vocab by level list):
穴場 Hole in the wall
二枚舌 Duplicity / equivocation
劇団 Troupe
不可欠 Indispensable (I pretty much knew it before but learning 不可欠 solidified it)

I’m sure there’s more but I’m not going to look through all the vocab I’ve learned.


Are you on the younger side by any chance (maybe still in high school)? I would have thought that the word ratification would have come up in a government class…

Yep, although we don’t have government class in UK. I recognised the word ratification when I saw it but I just had no idea what it meant (and am still not confident on it after reading the google definition).

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Not on WK, but I learned the word censer today through 香炉


Basically when you sign a treaty or contract, you’re ratifying it at the same time - essentially, you’re making it officially valid, and causing it to have the effect that’s described in it.

Sadly, it does not involve filling it with rats…


I was thinking of some kind of electronic circuitry, but cannot figure out what I got confused with.




Let me think about a few.

I had never heard about 贅沢 Extravagant before.
Apart from derailment, 脱線 also had meaning of Digression, which I knew what it is, but I had not heard about the word itself.

Then we have 財閥 which I still don’t quite understand what it means :frowning:

Also my last confusion was about 崎… Oh boy did I misunderstand the meaning of a Cape. I thought for a long time it meant the clothing piece :grin:


財閥 Zaibatsu - Wikipedia is a Japanese thing. I also later learnt about 系列 Keiretsu - Wikipedia

I think derailment itself can also mean digression as well.


Umpire. I’ll also probably proceed to forget it soon enough because I avoid watching (and reading about) sports like the plague…

Not on WK, but I learned the word importunate. Just doesn’t look like a real word. Y’know, like those kanji that doesn’t look like it’s a real kanji.


I’ve never heard of that before either. Merriam-Webster says it comes from Latin importūnitās.


Funnily enough I learned the English word from the Spanish importunada when it appeared in a song. Although the meanings have different nuances. Lol


(sorry for the very late reply, just started (re-)reading through the thread today)

I knew this one from, of all places, playing D&D as a teenager. The manuals listed “jo stick” and “bo stick” as weapons. For some reason the second edition dropped the “jo” and only has the “bo”. There’s also a “hambo” (half bo), which is shorter.

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錦(にしき)- “brocade” is a word I’m sure I’ve seen before but never knew what it meant.


Kowtow. Have absolutely 0 use for this. Google image searching it, just reminds me of some anime and games in present day.