WK sub with pre-paid visa gift card from Japan

I’m about to hit level four (these really are dizzying heights for me, no kidding!) but don’t have a credit card.
Has anyone here successfully paid using a Japanese pre-paid visa gift card (the kind you get in any convenience store).


Hm, I haven’t, but you can always contact directly the nice people at WK for that kind of question.

Their email address, for convenience: hello@wanikani.com

If it’s impossible, they will tell you so. If it’s possible, but hard, it’s probably best to be in direct contact with them to sort it out.

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Thank you!

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There may also be alternative options to explore such as PayPal, Transferwise or Western Union. But yeah, as Nath said, email the friendly folk at Tofugu.

I just realized that if you get the VPC Lifecard or the Vanilla Visa/Mastercard you should be able to subscribe to WaniKani just fine because they’re supposed to act like actual credit cards.



Woohoo! Though you might have changed from 2 to 3 about the time I noticed your new avatar - looking forward to watching it ticking along.

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I had a problem with my credit card in January, so I had to try using a pre-paid. This is how it goes:

WK doesn’t accept Vanilla or other “giftable” pre-paid cards. These pre-paid cards don’t accept the “recurring” method of payment these subscriptions demand.

The most that WK team can do is accept your payment as Paypal, where you can put your pre-paid card as a payment option, but since this way makes them manually accept each payment and change your subscription information on the system (instead of it occuring automatically with a traditional credit card), they only accept it on annual and lifetime subscriptions (since it happens at most once a year instead of every month).

But what I recommend is trying V-Preca. It is a kind of pre-paid card, but it’s… different. Unfortunately I didn’t try to use it with WK, since I had already bought a Vanilla pre-paid card for that, but I tried using it with Satori Reader (that also refused my Vanilla card) and it worked.


This is extremely useful to know! Thank you!

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Thank you so much @Rowena! How kind you are! Thank you! (And yes, I can’t believe I’m actually starting to make a little progress!)

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Thank you @leandroeidi. Very useful. Thank you!

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Hey, I see you are now a subscriber!
I guess everything got sorted out in the end :slight_smile:
Did you end up going the manual route, or the preveca (?) route?


Thank you! I didn’t want to get in a mess with the pre-paid cards, so went for the simplest option - asked the wife if I could use her card!
So now I really must study hard! :grimacing:


You’ll be impressing her with your kanji prowess in no time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL! I hope so!


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