Paying for wanikani with JP bank account

So I’ve just got to level 3 and want to continue with wanikani afterwards but I’m living in Japan with a Japan Post bank account (because this is the only bank on the islands I’m on) and no credit card etc. Can anyone offer me any advice on how I’m supposed to pay for my subscription when the time comes as I know the bank card can’t be used online.

Thanks in advance!



They accept Paypal if you email them, so if you could get some money into a Paypal account you could use that. Although I assume you would face the same issue with getting money to a Paypal account.


PayPal accounts can be used with banks directly, sometimes it’s not immediate and you have to go through a process to confirm your account.


paypal can be linked to any bank account, so you don’t need a credit card for paypal


You can apply for the MIJICA card which is a pre-paid VISA card connected to JP Bank. It might work! I have one but its a bit hit and miss, and I’ve never tried with WK. Otherwise, you could apply for a Rakuten credit card and link it to your JP bank account. Welcome to the amazingly backwards world of banking in Japan.

This one:

But, in the end, getting a real CC is much better.

Thanks for the tips I’ll look into it next time I’m on mainland Okinawa. But don’t I need an account with Rakuten to get a credit card?

You need a Rakuten account but that’s all. You link the card to your bank account of choice and the balance is taken out automatically at the end of the moment. It’s a bit different to how credit cards usually work in other countries.

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Ask them directly?

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Do you have a 7-11? Try their bank, they also give CCs and Debit Cards.

Unfortunately no :confused: The island I live on literally has a post office and 3 very small local stores but thanks anyways. I appreciate the advice :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice and tips everyone. I’ve managed to add my account to Paypal so hopefully that will be the way to go :slight_smile:


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