Trying to Buy WaniKani Premium

Hey Guys,

I am really enjoying my WK Journey so far and hope to reach Level 3 in the next few days. Since WaniKani is only free until Level 4, I will need to go Premium soon. Here is the problem:

I live in Germany, so there is no CashApp, I also have no credit card, and my only payment options are these two when I try to subscribe. I emailed the WK Team in hopes of reaching a conclusion via other means such as Paypal or Bank Payment, but sadly they have been ghosting me for over a week now.

Any Tips?

Thanks in advance <3


Why don’t you get yourself Visa or Mastercard? How do you pay for anything, for that matter? :sweat_smile:

Makes me think there’s something else at play here, ngl.

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I Either use Cash, ApplePay (which is connected to Paypal), Paypal, or Bank Payment


you would never be able to get around with those options where I live. Maybe more shops use these things in Germany than over here? :thinking: it still doesn’t answer why you simply cannot just get a normal credit card. It’s not like it costs much to keep.

There is nothing you can only pay with credit card for in germany so there was never a reason for me to get one. I can just use the methods I mentioned above for literally anything you can do here :smiley: so yeah, seems a bit overkill to get a credit card for the sole reason of buying wk premium

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I guess, we’re a long way off there from that sort of thing. There is Swish over here, but certainly, for grocery shopping you need a credit or bank card. Since a lot of shops no longer take cash, you really can’t do without a Visa or Mastercard anymore here. :thinking: (cash is fine for food though, but how do you get cash - certainly not without a credit card at an ATM, because you need one, not matter what)

Again, it’s not like it costs much. And for a lot of online purchases abroad, it’s a given to need one. Maybe, think of it as an investment into being able to pay for Japanese wares going forward?

I guess, it should also be said, that in these times, there is especially a need to trace money. it’s due diligence at this point.

Actually in Germany instead of a credit card you usually have something similar to a debit card (you use this to get cash at the ATM and to pay in stores directly). But you can not use this debit card to pay online if they ask for a credit card.
And it’s still really common here to just pay in cash (but I have to admit since corona it’s getting somewhat less common).
I also do not have a credit card. Never had one :woman_shrugging:

I also used PayPal to pay for my lifetime subscription. I just emailed them at and they send me an invoice.

Maybe you could just write them again and ask whether they saw your email? It feels strange that they haven’t answered yet. They answered to my request in only a few hours…


Good point! Guess I’ll need one sooner or later anyways :slight_smile:

BTW: In germany you just use your standard Bank Card to get cash from an ATM ^^)

Thanks for the Answers tho! <3

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I’ll try emailing them again! Thanks for the suggestion <3

Good luck! as already mentioned, they’re usually very prompt with emails. so maybe check back on that one. :slight_smile:

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This is what I wrongly called ?? a bank card. I had one as a kid. As an adult, you can’t really make the most of things with that. Any online purchase would be a hassle. It’s not like you’re usually paying on credit anyway. Not as with American Express, which is why you can’t use it much in Sweden at least, as it’s a true credit card.

If you don’t get a response within a day, you’re probably getting lost in the spam folder for some reason (it happens…), so I’d suggest trying the “Help -> Chat with us” feature in the menu on the dashboard as a secondary way to contact them.


You should be able to buy a prepaid/one time credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Basically they are like gift cards but can be used like a credit card.

For example:

I buy them at any convenience store here in Japan. I have seen similar offerings in other countries, but not sure about Germany (did work there but many many years ago).

I had the same problem (I’m also from Germany and can confirm: only few people here have a credit card because it’s not a popular payment method here) and I used the “Help → Chat with us” feature to contact the Wanikani staff and they made a paypal invoice for me. If they don’t answer, I’d just send another message. You want to give them money, so don’t be afraid of being annoying :smile:


This - the chat feature worked easily for me!

A visa gift card/prepaid visa would work, but it seems like contacting them is the easiest option