WK lessons displays always the same kanji for each item

Hi all,
Back to WK after a long pause.
I was previously using Firefox, I’m still using Firefox and everything was fine. But since I installed some classical scripts, a new problem occurs.
When studying lesson, the kanji or vocab to learn is stuck to the first.
E.g., if the first kanji to study is “king” 王, the following kanjis will ever be 王, whatever vocab or kanji it really is. It can be “right”, “to leave” or the radical “Bow”, the kanji that appears is still 王.
I tried with Opera on the same computer, and on another computer with Firefox, no problem occured.
I’m using ViolentMonkey to manage sripts, I deactivated all them but no change.
I guess this is more an issue with the browser, or with scripts, but it doesn’t occur during the reviews.
Any idea ?


This is really strange! I think you should definitely send an e-mail to hello@wanikani.com


Perhaps it’s an issue with ViolentMonkey?? :thinking: I use Firefox and several scripts with no issues, but I use TamperMonkey.

I second @Pep95 that you might wanna email the WK team for help with this one. :slight_smile:

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What stumps me is this:

followed by this:

The first quote points to a script issue, but if this were the case the problem should go away when you turn off the scripts. Did you try clearing the cache? Maybe your Violentmonkey is still using an old setting where your scripts are still on.

I would suspect a script doing something with lessons.


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