WK api always returns 503 when requesting pagninated results with updated_after

Recently, the WK api has been broken for me. When I try to fetch recent reviews, the first request works, but when I follow the link to the second page of results, the request always hangs for 30+ seconds and then returns a 503 error.

This has been happening at least since yesterday morning. Has anyone else had this issue?

Update: The API appears to be broken when a updated_after query results in multiple pages of results.

I have a script that updates its cached review database every week by doing an updated_after query for reviews since the previous week. However, I did a lot more reviews than usual last week and must have hit 1000 reviews in one week for the first time, causing multiple pages of results to be returned, which broke the API.

If this is correct, than the API was probably always broken, and it’s just that last week was the first time I actually did enough reviews to run into this bug. Imagine doing so many reviews you break Wanikani!


Thanks for emailing us about this! I’ll respond to you via email :+1:

Five months later and the API is still broken. This happens every time I do more than 1000 reviews in a week, so I can’t understand why it’s so hard for the engineering team to reproduce.

Hey there! We replied via email as well, but I want to let you know that this issue is on our radar, and there has been a ticket made in response to this issue. We are working on a lot of big projects right now but we do intend to work on this in the future. Thank you for your patience!

Nick at WK