Fetching reviews via API occasionally returns http 500

I’m using the Wanikani Heatmap, and I suspect I have more than the average amount of data in WK’s databases.

Over the last year or so, performance when loading the heatmap has become quite slow, and recently, it will occasionally fail to load entirely. I took a look at the console log upon a failure and there’s this from WK…

I presume that’s one of the WK Open Framework API calls happening in the background.

This doesn’t happen every time, and a reload will typically result in a successfully loaded heatmap. But it does appear that occasionally something on WK’s backend gets in a sad state.

For reference, I have a 1039 day consecutive review streak, 106,701 reviews in 6,284 sessions. Yes, yes, I know and only just about finishing up level 26. Don’t judge. :wink:


Hey skatefriday! Thanks for the information! It looks like there is already a ticket related to this issue so I have added your comment to it so it will notify the engineers. Thanks again for bringing this up to us!

-Nick at WK

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