Will you translate WaniKani to spanish?

I’m spanish and I find very difficult to remember the japanese meaning and the translation to english.

Will you translate WaniKani to spanish? If you need a translator I can help. I think that this can help a lot of non native english speakers and bring WaniKani to a bigger community.

Thank you!

Also, why lvl1 is sooooo slow? I have only 1-2 reviews everyhour of one radical. I completed all and I don’t have new lessons yet.

Hello, I can speak Spanish as well if you want to chat :smiley:
Also lv1 is really slow but it will soon start piling up on you, I’m only lv2 here and had over 100reviews today



Porque no Cocodrilejo o Cangrilo? xD


Well, mi español is a bit rusty, I went with what i could remember :wink:

Well to be honest I can’t tell the difference between Caiman and Cocodrilo in any language xD
I think the Caiman is bigger?

You’re not alone, most users on WaniKani are not native English speakers. Providing Spanish definitions is one thing, Spanish mnemonics is another. I can see there being an unofficial fan translation though, perhaps via a script (if the public API/servers allow such a thing).

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Why not make it so everyone can edit the info so they can add whatever they want on their own language? That would be really helpful and shouldn’t be hard to implement

WaniKani will probably not be translated to another language, because then all of the mnemonics would need to be rewritten. (Many of them are based on puns that obviously only work in English)
I’ve been adding German translations as user synonyms for most items. That helped me a lot and I’m glad I started doing it so early.


It must be a pain in the ass when the word is nearly the same in German as in English but spelt differently.

I’m using the close but no cigar script, if that’s what you mean?

Also using lesson user synonyms

You can add user synonyms and user notes to items in your own language.


You mean like this word?

I'm just

Don't get mad
at me.

Yeah, I use that script… realized that problem might not effect you after posting. :confused:

Congratz on lvl 11 <3

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You can actually add a synonym in your own language and WK will register it as correct. You can also add notes. Those functions are pretty useful when WK mnemonics don’t work well for you.

Are we really sure of that? Don’t you think a poll like that would lead to self-selection for non-native English speakers, since native English speakers might see that and assume their answer is boring. I never bothered to vote until just now when I saw you take that conclusion from it.

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I considered that, but the fact that the title directs to a poll means they know they don’t need to comment, just to vote. A vote can’t really be boring, and people generally (and particularly people on the internet) like voting on things as a sort of self-expression. On the other hand my international left handed day handedness poll has a breakdown of 63/37% right/left handed, a considerably higher proportion than the general population, which was to be expected since the title just says “International left handed day”, which will naturally attract less righties than “What is your dominant hand? [POLL]”.

Sure it can be boring. Does anyone care that I’m an English speaker? That’s the default expectation on an English language site. When I saw it, my assumption was that the purpose was to hear all the different languages people speak, not to be a representative sample.

Yeah, I’m not convinced the sample is representative either. I doubt most WaniKani subscribers even use the forums.

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