Will there be a Christmas sale this year?

In the past the standard discount is 1/3 off of the lifetime - so $200 instead of $300.


Good to know, thanks

Durtle durtle…

I wish they’d give something to us peasants who can’t even afford the yearly subscription though :’)

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Yeahhh, especially since I’m more doing this for fun than actual study for work or future plans. a small monthly payment I can get behind, but I’m less sure about putting that much at once into what’s essentially a hobby…

Ah that definitely makes sense, yeah I don’t think anyone would honestly lol
I stayed at level 3 for a long while after I was technically level 4 just cause I wasn’t sure if I was like, ready to commit to trying to learn japanese

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Do they give discounts for yearly subscription? or only lifetime subscription discount?

I don’t think I’ll be purchasing lifetime anytime soon, since one factor that motivates me to use WK is that WK is paid on a time-basis and is therefore limited. Lifetime subscription cancels such factor. Also I’m can’t afford one time big payment :sob:

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Only on lifetime

@viet already confirmed on another thread a month ago.


There’s no sale for yearly subscription, is there?

nope, as far as I’ve read about, all sales have been for lifetime only

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Ah, welp. I guess I’ll have to stick with monthly. :<

When I started wk I got to lvl 3 around christmas but wasn’t willing to invest in lifetime when I still wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up with it and school. Then I got an email(? I think. Can’t remember if something was written on the forums as well,) saying I could get yearly for cheaper if I got it within January. Every year after the first one would be full price though (but that’s when I got lifetime instead).

I don’t know if they still do this.

I sent you a bunch of WaniKani Lifetime Sale emails over the last few weeks.
But, clearly a WaniKani Lifetime account doesn’t suit a person with your… eloquent tastes.
It’s a lot of cash to put down all at once, so I get it. And, you probably want to try WaniKani out a bit more, right? Did you know the first three free levels will teach you ~80 kanji and ~200 vocabulary words? That’s actually more than a lot of Japanese classrooms teach in a year.
So, I made a 50% off for the eloquent folks (like you!).
Code: (removed)
Expires: January 31, 2018
Use with: Monthly or Yearly membership
Amount: 50% Off for a year.
The coupon code must be used by January 31, 2018. That’s a little over two weeks away. That means you have time to try out WaniKani for a little bit first (the first three levels are free, after all).
The coupon will remain applied to your account for a year, and you can choose a monthly or yearly plan. The yearly plan does come out to be cheaper overall, though. Just saying.
You can use the code on your subscription page after choosing a plan. Just be sure to hit the “apply coupon” button after you type it in, otherwise it won’t stick.
Okay, talk to you in a year, probably. Have a great one.
Koichi & The WaniKani Team

Found the mail.


They lowered the yearly and monthly prices about a year and a half ago. Not a sale, but also not something you see that often.

They’d probably get more recognition of that if they did it as a sale.


Same with me. Or I’ll beg/email the team by Christmas sales time to consider a one-year discount :sob:

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Oh did they? That’s definitely awesome, I mean technically it’s an infinite sale

I’m waiting for a annual discount, that’s what I’ve been hoping to receive this christmas :pray::pray:

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