Why the rush?

It seems so many people are in such a rush to tear through the WaniKani levels. Why? I’m happy to learn at whatever WaniKani’s pace is. I want things to stick and I don’t want to rush. Slow and steady wins the race and all that.

Am I just being lazy? What’s motivating you to conquer the levels as quickly as possible?


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So far, all of these answers seem totally legit. I feel enlightened. :joy:


I mean, Wanikani’s pace is faster if you do the reviews as soon as they show up.
I spent a lot of time on WK when I used it because I enjoyed it.
Didn’t use any scripts because I wasn’t interested in that, but always went fast.
It was like a game, and I always marathon games if I can.

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You can show off that you can read “arable land” in Japanese. Sadly no one seems really impressed by it.


You need better friends.


If you know how to say that in Japanese, then I’m totally impressed. I won’t be asking you how to say it anytime soon, but I’m impressed nonetheless.


I’m not doing it anymore, but I did try to rush my last few levels before I took the JLPT last year to be familiar with as many kanji as possible before the exam :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s this feeling of ~I want to be able to read things without struggles quickly~ but that feeling is not strong enough at all for me to go any faster lol


For me, it’s the fear that I’ll look back one day and think to myself “What the heck have I been doing?! If I did just xyz everyday I would’ve been done by now.”

Take it from someone who chilled their college years away and forgot about levels 1 and 2 for 2 years before picking it up again. xD


I mean, Wanikani’s pace is faster if you do the reviews as soon as they show up.

Yeah, I’m doing that and I am on a pretty decent pace, but some people are talking like 3.5 or 4 days per level. That seems crazy! Do the levels get faster as you go, or some people just overachievers? Or masochists? Or masochistic overachievers?

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It usually bothers me if I’m learning something I like at a slower pace than what I can handle. But I actually think WK’s top speed (~1 week/level) is perfect. Of course that’s not counting the fast levels. They’re way too fast, I don’t think I could maintain that pace for a whole of 60 levels.

It’s only on level 51, so 頑張ってね. Incidentally it reads こうち which means lots of other things so probably no one will understand it when you say it :slight_smile:


Yes. :slight_smile:

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耕地 thanks for the new word
Looks like arable land to me.

Yes that kouchi. Although still lamenting leeches back from lvl 13 and getting similar looking kanji confused a lot.

Personally, I have a vague timeline for when I would like to reach a certain level of competency in Japanese, and it’s pretty short. I’m also already experienced with Japanese, so Wanikani is not particularly taxing for me a lot of the time. For example, I just hit level 10, and I already knew every vocabary item I just ‘learned’ this level, so there’s not a lot of fear in overloading myself on those exactly.

So, for those reasons, I’m rushing wanikani. But I wouldn’t say rushing it is inherently desirable, and I’d even say that for many learners it would be damaging.

That’s my reason though.

The reason for me going so fast initially was that kanji was that the main thing keeping me from being able to read and I wanted to get past that blockade asap. Since I reached around lvl 40 that became a non-issue but I kept going at that speed because I could handle it with everything else. It’s only the last 10 levels that it became hard to keep up. I’m going at this pace anyways because I’m near the end and I just want that golden badge asap :stuck_out_tongue:


people speed through it, because they want to get it over with as soon as possible. wk isn’t like a long show on tv, or a long book series. it’s work. the slower you go, the longer you drag it with you. so if you can do it, there’s no reason to drag it out.
when you’re done, you can learn japanese like other people learn english: by reading.