How fast are you guys progressing?

I’ve just started using wani recently and i gotta say the service is REALLY good, but sometimes I wonder if I’m going too fast or too slow. So as the title is asking, how fast is everyone progressing?


personally I’m getting around 2-3 levels per month but its only been 2 months so we’ll see

Although I’m not very far in… I can say the first 10 levels are where you get used to WaniKani before worrying about speed. Take your time and get used to things.

1 level every 7 and a half days.
Most on this forum will tell you that this is on the faster side and I agree, but I like to power through all the lessons in one go and give it my best shot.
I understand that this might be a bad way for many people but I like it thus far.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: Your own pace is the perfect pace. Learning Japanese is a marathon, not a sprint. Thats’s why you should never compare your time with anyone elses.

Just have fun on the journey


It’s hard to tell whether it’s too fast or too slow - you have to find the speed you’re comfortable with on your own.

“Too fast” can mean you learn so many new items that you’re drowning in reviews - they keep piling up and you can’t get them under control (for instance because real life doesn’t leave you enough time for that).

“Too fast” can also mean you don’t take enough time to memorize your mnemonics. Your short term memory might be enough to get them to Guru but then they might drop back to apprentice because you forgot them. If this happens with too many items you will, again, drown in reviews.

“Too fast” can mean you theoretically are able to keep your reviews in check but it wears you out mentally such that after 20 levels you just burn out and take a break for a year - after which you don’t remember much.

In any case I don’t think you’re going “too slow”… 2-3 levels per month seems like a rather tight pace (though I’m at a similar pace atm).

Btw: If you care about a bit of friendly competition you can also join the manly race :wink:


I used to do 8 days/level in the past, but that slowed down to 10-12 days/level until I more or less stopped at level 40.

The fastest one can go is <7 days/level, but frankly that’s a lot of pressure :smiley:


I seem to remember getting to level 60 in a little less than two years. Don’t know how many levels that is per month


I usually level up in about 10 days. It takes longer at the end of my semesters since I put less time into Wanikani and more time into other studies.

Also, when I feel like I’m accumulating to much leaches, I take a break in levels and I try to clear them (I did it at lvl 30)

Here is my chart :

You should go to your own rhythm, there is no such thing as too fast or too slow. The important part is learning the stuff after all (and having fun doing it of course).

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10 items a day, and I love it. Perfect pace for me, as it allows good retention, a consistent pace, and time for other types of study.


Wow everyone seams to be able to do a level in less than 15 days and I stuck at level 7 after 290 days …
With average of 39 days, how many hours are you gays putting in a day ??


personally im putting around 30 minutes in per day, though it sometimes creeps up to 45-60 if there are new lessons or theres alot of reviews (or if my brain just decided to not work that day)

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I do around 40 min in day and on weekends 1 hour, but the people above are speedrunning levels …
Maybe I am just really slow to remember things

from what ive read i think 10 days a level is about the average, though i think you’re probably doing something wrong for 7 levels in 290 days because thats 40 days a level on average, maybe you’re not doing your daily reviews or you frequently get them wrong??

Four levels a month. Clear all lessons before each level and clear the reviews 5-6 times a day. Roughly an hour each day on WK, maybe a bit more when I get bigger batches.

Right now I finish a level every 20-30 days which is slower than I used to be. I use no web scripts, have a full time job, fiance, etc, and I also use Bunpro for grammar and engage with native content every day and take a class with a tutor once a week. Grammar/native content practice is far more tiring and difficult than Wanikani (in my opinion) which is why my leveling has slowed.

Don’t be discouraged by people on the forums who level up every seven days. People have all sorts of different circumstances. Some people have tons of free time, some people focus on Wanikani and nothing else, some may already have a foundation in kanji from college - there are a million different scenarios. As long as you’re plugging away each day and making progress that’s all that matters.


1 Level / Year.



i started at one week per level but struggled to maintain this and despite slowing down, resetting a bit around lvl 33 and ploughing on to lvl 41, i lost my motivation.

i reset to lvl 1 and i aim to do 10 - 15 lessons a day. i make sure to get to 0 reviews/ 0 lessons once per level at least and i pace my rad/kan lessons to 5 a day of each at most. this stops my vocab pile from growing and i level up every 12 - 15 days.

i think it’s a good speed. for me.

your good speed is the one speed you can sustain without accuracy taking a hit or reviews taking too much time. i used to get 3 reviews (mean + read) per minute, now i’m closer to 6 - 10.

you could try to find a good balance in lessons you can confidently do each day and/or the number of reviews you’re willing to finish every day.

also don’t forget your workload goes up when burns come in.

if we look at my daily reviews after the first fast levels:


i’m a bit under 100 reviews a day and the number is consistent because i do very similar amounts of lessons daily. those numbers work for me. i can manage that.

before, i was on 20-25 lessons a day. that gave me 150 reviews a day at least and it grew with burns and leeches. i got slower, less accurate and - quite frankly - disheartened. but it works for many people so it just depends on what you can manage happily.

good luck.


I was coasting along at 7 days per level for awhile. I have a tendency to do all lessons as they come up and it looks like that’s going to cause me to now push a level every 3.5 days since things change a bit past level 42. Definitely going to be rough, have to adjust my sleep schedule a bit to account for this sudden increase in lessons per week (basically double). On the bright side, I only have to maintain that for about 2 months.

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honestly i respect it

I’m in a little slower pace, I was slower at the beginning, but now I’ve found a great pace for me which results in about 15 days per level, so 2 levels a month. I do 2-3 reviews batches morning-midday-night and lessons in the evening, as a whole maybe one hour a day?