Why learn/teach 入り口 instead of 入口 (Wanikani Lvl1)


From my own experience and asking friends, my impression is that whenever you want to write いりぐち you write 入口 and in Japan you almost never see 入り口. Why is 入り口 taught instead at level 1? Is there a separate lesson for 入口 later?


Both are seen. Google search for images if you don’t believe it. Not that big of a deal. Plenty of words have alternate okurigana and WK doesn’t bother to teach all variations.


Well, so who is right then? Japanese friends who actually were born/raised/live there, or some rare cases you can find on google?


I would say google, if the claim is “never”.


Is that why?


I edited my question.


Both appear in this list of the 15000 most frequently appearing words/symbols in Japanese.


Trust me, WK will teach you many that don’t appear on this list at all.


According to that list 入り口 is actually more common, too?


That list probably doesn’t take into signage outside into account, just scraped the web or whatever, I didn’t check. But either way, both are common.


Ive lived in Japan, Ive seen both. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah, you’re right. And yes, I’ve seen both in native materials, so…


It’s entirely possible that if you restrict the question to just “entrances that have the word entrance written on or near them” it may well lean heavily toward 入口 just to save space. But obviously that’s not the only context for the word to appear in the world.


isin’t this the same with

売地 - land for sale, it is sometimes written as 売り地 but on sign it is mostly 売地


It’s easier to learn stuff with the okurigana and then see it without than vice versa


I defiantly agree with this from a practical sense.


It’s also common to find regional variances in word usage, so feedback from Japanese natives can be skewed, depending on what the question is.


It is incredibly common to find Okurigana migrating inside Kanji but the word isn’t actually any different depending on whether or not the Okurigana is inside or outside of the Kanji.


Standard writing on public building are always 入口 as far as I know


And no one is arguing that 入口 is rare. But any suggestion that 入り口 is rare is just incorrect.


To me, you should just take in every single word and every single little bit of detail, the less resistive you are to knowing things, regardless of how trivial it seems. The easier your language learning will become.