Why hasn’t Wanikani taught me this reading? Will I ever be taught?

Hello friends!! Just a quick enquiry…I was perusing Facebook just now and I saw this image of an album cover (below, and I attempted to read the Japanese to test my skills. Though I have already learned 内 as ‘ない’, the kunyomi reading was ‘うち’ which I hadn’t learned yet. I checked Jisho and it says that the kanji gets taught in level 3, and I’m on level 6 now…so will I ever get taught the kunyomi later on down the line? (It is faded out when looking through the main lists of kanji and their readings and mnemonics on wanikani, so it’s likely, but I just wanted to make sure!)

Thank you!

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You should have learned it at level 3 as a vocabulary item. Do you use scripts? Mabe you have skipped that vocab lesson, so it’s still in your lesson stack?


It’s possible that you haven’t guru’ed the 内 kanji yet, and this is why you haven’t got to the 内 vocab lesson yet.


You can use the search bar on the WK dashboard to look up vocab.
If you search for 内 you’ll see it as a vocab item with reading うち

In general WK teaches different readings with different vocab, sometimes levels apart.
Example: 下 has many readings (か、げ、した、さ etc) and you learn them gradually with different vocab items.

P.S. your example is kind of bad because it’s a name and there could be a ton of name specific readings. WK doesn’t teach those.


Yeah, but family names tend to use kun’yomi. It’s given names that get all the freaky nanori readings.


you learn うち at level 3 vocab lesson.

Ah, indeed. Still wanted to warn OP that names are full of exceptions.

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