Iriguchi has kana?


Does iriguchi (entrance) have the ri kana in there? In the SRS it does, but when you google “Japanese entrance sign” the ri is many times not there. I am confused… :S


In this case, both are correct. A lot of words have multiple acceptable way of writing them (some are more common though). But probably in this case, it’s written 「入口」to save space on the signboard ?

Btw, here is the Jisho entry, that shows all the acceptable forms.


Total agreement as erkanamen.

Either way it is still read the same - as いりぐち.

If you are into reading, you’ll often come across these alternate ways of spelling. Usually it is just a style choice.


You can also check popularity via kotonoha:

  • 入口 is found about 2500 times
  • 入り口 is found about 2000 times.

Wow thanks for the fast and informative response!

Welcome to the world of Japanese writing the same word with different writing styles.

suppose in some ways it’s no worse than the various differences in UK and US spelling of words at times…lately my autocorrects have been being a jerk telling me to drop the U in colour and behaviour, for example. so rude.

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“Save some time not typing useless letters.”

Haha :wink:


Japanese words sometimes show Okurigana, and sometimes hide it; depending on the writing style…

Or いりくち actually.

Hmm, this looked like a recent thread on my screen for a moment. Apologies for the necro.

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