Why isn't ゆく accepted for 行く?

Yotsuba always says ゆう instead of 言う, pick up any volume, it’s not just adults.

I think it’s slang and slurred speech when talking fast


Interesting sidenote, in Christian church over here in Japan we use 礼拝 (れいはい) as the word for “worship”, i.e. worship services. Also, 礼拝堂 is the main auditorium or main room where church services take place. I don’t think I’ve ever heard 拝む but maybe it’s possible I have missed it. Usually when talking about praying we use 祈る.

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Yeah, I’ve only seen 祈る or 祈り at my church for prayers too. 拝む is just a really complicated verb that I don’t think translates very smoothly into English.