Why have some words been moved to different levels?

Bit of a small question. I recently leveled up to level 6 (woo!) and while I was doing my new lessons, I got words that I know for sure I’ve learned before on WK. For example, 引き分け. I remember this one especially; I used it as an example to explain to a friend how kanji combinations like this are like little puzzles. I tried to look this up in the forums, but I can’t find anything about words changing levels. I think it used to be level 4(?).
All of this truly doesn’t make much of a difference, but it definitely confused me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Is there a reason words have migrated levels, or that I’ve gotten these words twice now?

I can’t speak for the specific vocab item, but they’re doing several content changes since a while back now. Among them adding several new items, as well as moving some of them. That’s mostly to do with transitivity/intransitivity where the idea is to separate the pairings to make it easier to absorb them.

You can read more about it here:

But, also outside of this, changes are sometimes made. You’ll have to check their “Content Updates”-posts for specific info about this item, but it should have been announced or will be announced shortly (if it hasn’t).

I was wondering it this had something to do with this, though I couldn’t find anything in that post about moving words around. Thanks for the answer though! I’ll just chalk it up to the new content, and enjoy the “easy” words that I’ve already learned for now :smile:

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I see. Like I said, it could also have been mentioned in a regular content update. It’s always good to give them a glance-over when they post them, as they make regular changes to mnemonics, change primary meaning so secondary meaning, put stuff on the block-list etc. ^^

You’re right, it used to be on lvl 4. The WK tags on yomichan are lagging.


I couldn’t find any posts that mentioned any level changes specifically with this word, but there’s this content update from April 9 - it’s marked as a level 6 vocab.


Well spotted! 引き分け was moved up on April 1 as part of the transitivity update. During that update, 分ける was moved from 3 to 5 to space it out from 分かる, and words based on 分ける were also moved accordingly :slight_smile:


If you have learned the vocab, you don’t have to learn it again, even if it moves to another level. The exception is if you reset.

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