Level 60 vocabulary at level 5 何?

Hi everyone, I recently got up to level five of wanikani and while working through the vocabulary for level four I noticed something odd

I had 申し申し unlocked. Or rather at the time I didn’t notice because it seemed totally normal. 申 got introduced as “say humbly” somewhere in level 4. So 申し申し isn’t that weird, I recognize it as the thing that Japanese people say on the telephone, or close enough to it.

But today when looking through wanikani stats to prepare for the future and see how many radicals are introduced per level I noticed that I had a single item from level 60. And sure enough there’s 申し申し. I even typo’d it during a review so I saw level 60 on the review summary screen.

So outside of storytime I’m wondering how this happens, is that vocabulary incorrectly placed at level 60? Did it unlock just because the kanji was ready without checking the levels? It’s not really a problem but it just seems weird to me.

I’m using the iOS mobile apps for lessons and reviews. Lessons on Jakeipuu and reviews on Tsurukame. I feel like that shouldn’t make a difference since what’s available in lessons would be on wanikani’s end of the service regardless of api interaction. But it’s more information.

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They just moved it to level 60 because the kana-only version of the word was added as a new vocab on a lower level.


That makes sense. I haven’t seen the kana only version of it yet though so maybe level 60 is a bit high for this. Weird but that at least explains how I got it. Thanks

It probably makes sense to let user suspend items that have been moved to higher level than user’s. And probably eventual auto-unsuspend on level up.

Also, the feature might be reused for Kana-Only vocabularies, as many people requested.

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