Items changing levels?

I recently got to level 10 and noticed I already had one burned kanji, which I found a bit odd. Turns out it was 公, which is now a level 10 kanji (公 ). I don’t remember exactly when this kanji appeared before, but I know it was a bunch of levels ago. I think this one was in the first five levels or so.

What happened here? Are kanji often moved to other levels? Is there a list somewhere of what kanji have been moved, and why?

I also noticed that vocabulary that has this kanji in it, specifically 公社 and 公用, have now been moved to levels 23 and 25, respectively. I’ve already burned one of those and almost burned the other, since they appeared so early for me.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

It’s not often, but it happens that items are moved intentionally between levels. They have weekly updates on Thursdays that you can check out to see what’s going on with the content on WK. :slight_smile:

You find them here:


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