Why do I know the correct answer the second after typing it in incorrectly?

I dont know if you get this and I’ve commented about this before in other posts, but whenever I dont know an item and just type “i” or something, there is an 80/90% chance I know the reading/meaning as soon as I see the red “incorrect” flashing in front of me. I feel like doing this and then pressing ignore is cheating so I dont do it, but it sure is incredibly annoying.

Do you have similiar experiences or once had the problem and then got over it?

I get it if you type in a wrong word and then it marks it wrong, then you can use elimination to deduct the correct spelling/meaning. But just typing in gibberish still has that effect.


Although I haven’t found a solution myself, this happens to me a lot too and it’s quite frustrating!!!

Maybe there’s something about that wanikani red that brings back all my memories of getting words wrong that it jogs my memory…


I used to do this all the time! (I took too long of a break and decided to restart)
I’ve been trying to pay extra attention this time around to minimize it happening but I know it’s only a matter of time…

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This has happened to me a lot, I’ve deduced that it’s my brain’s way of testing me

Brain: So, do you know this item or not?
Me: Isn’t that your job to tell me?
Brain: Well yeah usually, but it’s my turn to test you now
Me: That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works
Brain: ~shrugs~ just make up your mind already -laughs-
Me: sigh I’m glad you still have time for puns, well then I guess I don’t know it

-types something random-


And that’s how I reached level 61 :durtle_the_explorer:



Oh, also, OP-さん, that’s just life in the big kanji. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you lose. Brains are stupid. 4/10 would recommend.


I think it’s pretty common, because whenever prompted to give an answer there’s just too much processing happening inside our brains right? So you kinda know the answer, but you’re not sure, nevertheless it is still there.

You don’t have to check for the right answer, right? it comes practically instantaneously the moment the red banner shows.

And when the red banner shows because you get your answer wrong, then it’s just like the brain itself said “Ah, so then it was the other answer”




I have the opposite happen too. Sometimes I type the answer without thinking, and then when I get it right I’m like, “Wait, did I actually know that or was I just lucky?”


Literally just had this happen with the burning of 安心, where I typed “safety” and I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t visualise the exact right word that it would want so I just took the hit. Would have been a “relief” for my brain to trigger the right answer before the red light of doom.

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i often know the answer but can’t remember the damn keyword. for 安心 i’d think ホッとすることだね。英語でなんだっけ… and then type some random shit to find out, ignore and put it in.

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