Does this ever happen to you?

You’re doing your reviews, and you’re asked for the reading of a kanji, and not only do you know it, but you know the meaning too! And then a few minutes later, it comes up again asking for the meaning, and this time, despite confidently knowing it a moment ago, you swear that you have never seen this kanji before in your life!

How and why do our brains manage to temporarily forget something so quickly?

Or is it just my brain?

Any other weird brain and memory stuff come up for people while doing their reviews?


What about a little voice telling you the right reading/meaning but a bigger voice tells you another answer?


Yes! Those voices are real, and they’re creepy, and they’re voices!


I have all too often the situation where I fail a word in KaniWani or Anki, read the correct answer to myself a few times, and then fail it again 40 more times before I finally get it right… and forget it 3 seconds later.


Oh aye, my gut immediately comes up with the right answer, but my brain goes “Hmm, I’m not so sure. What was that mnemonic again?”


So. Many. Times.


What about typing an answer getting it wrong and immediatly after that your brain yells the correct answer… and you check and you’re like

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


It happen to me a lot. Especially this 万… Like i just answered it wrong and then i look at how its read and then three kanji later, i don’t know how to read it again :cry: It’s kind of frustrating… It’s been happening 2 days in a row now lol… My brain refuses to recognize this kanji i think :joy::joy:

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Don’t worry about 万 too much; when you reach the level where you can start looking at native materials more, it will become a challenge NOT to recognize 万, haha. It’s everywhere.

Maybe you need a new mnemonic…

This happens to me all the time, sometimes things just don’t stick properly. With enough exposure though it will start to go in.

Sometimes I cheat these items into guru just to get a break for a bit, then fail them in guru and go round the houses again

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I sometimes mix up 万 and 方 in WaniKani reviews, but it never happens in context. So don’t worry too much about what happens in WK as long as you’re learning somehow.


you may be right lol… since the kanji is related to numbers…

I’ll try doing that… It came up in my review and again, i got it wrong… i stared at it for half a minute and my mind is still blank :sweat_smile:

story of my life, i call it brain farts. there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it either, it just happens, also the “voices”. i decided to ignore it and installed override.

You guys might wanna get that checked out…:turtle::wink::dark_sunglasses:

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Are you telling me that the voices aren’t real?!

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It’s like the voice of the crabigator and it’s talking to me because I’m the choosen one.


The wildest is when I easy write the reading for a kanji but can’t remember the meaning. Like, how is my brain remembering that reading instantly with no mnemonic, but can’t tell me the reading?


I think I mentioned this somewhere else in the forum but anyway, sometimes when I see the meaning question first, I look at the screen and think “I have never seen this before” but when I see it as a reading question it is crystal clear and with meaning as bonus. I wonder if I should be happy about it in the end or not. I mean I remember both in the end but it doesn’t feel right :thinking: