What do you do when you get one wrong?

Just re-read the FAQ and realised that the equation for working out how far the item will drop when you get it wrong is based on how many times you get it incorrect. So, a question: when you get an item wrong, do you open the info tab, refresh your memory and then fill it in (presumably correctly) or do you try again and again until you’re blue in the face?

I’ve been doing the former thus far and have found it fine, but want to make sure I’m not hamstringing myself in terms of actual learning.



-curse the Crabigator
-yeet my laptop
-hate myself more than usual
-glare at the kanji like it’ll change its reading just for me

-that ^

i guess what you’re doing is fine but i personally don’t check the answer unless i really really don’t know it after a few tries. because maybe you’re on the right vein of words but haven’t gotten the exact one it wants yet. i don’t think checking the right answer is bad but yanno some other smart person will know more of that C_C


If it’s a brand-new apprentice item, I will double check the answer since it doesn’t matter anyway. If it’s already past that point I will just keep trying over and over and let it end up where it does. Sometimes that means it drops quite a few levels, but honestly if I couldn’t remember it that well it likely deserved to drop that much. :man_shrugging:


Usually the first, but sometimes it amounts to the second, because I just give it a cursory glance and forget again, when I am in a certain mood (used to be level 51)


If I get it wrong once, I’ll just move on, but if I keep getting it wrong whenever it shows up in my reviews, I will reread the mnemonic again and again to really make sure it sticks.
If that doesn’t work, then, well, this:



I legit didn’t even know that getting it wrong again was an option oops :joy:
I always give myself a few min to think and remember, then if I don’t I go ahead and get it wrong and immediately click on the eye to look at the answer. I didn’t know that keeping getting it wrong on the same try dropped you levels each time. I’ll have to think hard on how to use this newfound knowledge.


Type → Enter → [wrong] → f → read → remember

is my usual flow, and it’s been working well for me.


There’s usually some swearing, particularly in the review I just did, where I missed a few master to enlightened. Deserved most of them.

I do check the answer, unless I realise immediately what I did, as I figure it will be coming up in reviews again at a lower level.

If it’s something I don’t know really well, that’s a sigh and a 頑張れです。

If it’s something I know pretty well, that’s clenched teeth, possibly a grunt.

If it’s something where I screw up because I typed too fast, or my fingers weren’t on the home row, got a little ahead of myself, not double tapping a consonant for the “っ”, whatever…I “WRRRYYYYY” internally.

If it’s something where I utterly have no excuse for getting it wrong because I’ve been playing this game (written Japanese) off and on for almost 25 years, I am quite prone to “WRRRYYYYY” externally.

And as for getting things wrong repeatedly? That’s when I hit the Wrap Up button, sink the next 10 matches and go to a nice quiet room and contemplate my choices in life and where it all went wrong. /s


If it’s something I knew I didn’t know, oh well. If it’s something I definitely knew, I’ll use Override to fix it. I rarely use WK on desktop, because I can’t install scripts on school-owned laptops, and whenever I do, it just so happens to be the one single god damn time that I type in “inu” as the meaning for 犬 and it counts me wrong. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so careless if someone weren’t deliberately trying to make me not pay attention, Will.

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I do gotta ask… is that B empty tho?


The first Wrong during a review is always the hardest blow because I always believe I can do a 100% when I start (it never happens). So this 1st Wrong, I do a funny face, kind of like when cats hiss.

Then on I’m just “whatever”, and instantly hit the “eye” button to refresh my memory. Most of the time I remember and am “oh, right” and when I don’t, I re-read the mnemonic and try to cement the image.

But after the first Wrong I’m usually more relaxed and like to rush things a bit, while also avoiding watching the %. Being steady with my reviews is already a nice achievement, so for the rest I’m good being soft on myself.


You’ll grow out of it… Then the first wrong “you absolutely definitely knew and should have got write” becomes an equally hard blow

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I’ll check the info tab after three wrong answers for an item, because I’ve let myself suffer enough by that point. Maybe if it’s a brand-new item I’ll check if I know it’s sitting at Apprentice 1.

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I check the answer after every miss. Personally, I don’t think clogging up my reviews by dropping items to Apprentice 1 instead of Guru 2 is worth the minimal benefit of the extra reviews. The mistake itself is usually what makes me remember anyway. I also want to check if my answer is actually right and WK refused it for whatever reason. Like, I’m not sure if “spam mail” is correct English, but it’s Japanese I’m trying to learn here. :sweat_smile:


This happens to me a lot, too. The act of getting it wrong and going “Ah, dammit!” is more memorable to me than most mnemonics. I usually pass items on unless I was so far off to be unintelligible. My accuracy also tends to be “95% meaning accuracy, 20% reading accuracy” or whatever for really bad leeches. Using the word also helps; making up my own example sentences usually works for vocab. If all else fails, it’s back to good old-fashioned rubber duck programming.


I always do this unless it was a stupid mistake or typing error and I know that I know what it should have been.

Also, sometimes if it was the English meaning that I got wrong, I’ll go check on jisho.org to see if I want to add a synonym…


Personally I’d get tilted and get the next five wrong as well.
I’m a new user though, so that might not be the optimal strategy. Haven’t discovered anything better though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I am using wanikani on my phone. Getting an answer wrong because i didn’t know it doesn’t bother me much unless it is a typo. My phone already have some scratches in it.

If you’re on iOS, definitely check out Tsurukame. It’s a lifesaver for reviews on my phone: iOS app Tsurukame