No new unlocks

I reached guru for my radicals but for some reason the remaining Kanji don‘t unlock

Has anybody had the same issue or knows how to fix this?


Can you try logging out and logging back in to WK?

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Hi everyone!
The same just happened to me, also with the lvl 14 radicals. I logged out and in again and also looked in Flaming Durtles and my phone browser but the new Kanji stay locked everwhere.


Weird, I also had this exact same thing happening to me just now, gurued all the radicals for my current level and still have half the kanji locked.

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Best to email to then. The team there can check if there’s something funky going on. Do note that it’s currently like 04:00 AM over there, so it may take a few hours.

Also, this is starting to sound like it’s not an isolated incident.


I am having the same problem except I can’t level up. Have passed the 32 kanji necessary for level 52, but I didn’t level up.

Server issue perhaps?

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Yea, same problem here. I would guess it’s a server issue indeed.

Edit: Logging out and in again didn’t solve the issue. Restarting my pc didn’t as well (although i didn’t expect it to…)

Sounds like it might be. Tagging @Mods to let them know there’s a thread for this issue.

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Me too on Level 32–the last two kanji didn’t unlock on Guru’d radicals.

Same issue here, just posting for awareness! Thanks to @Kraits for making me aware of this thread :heart:.

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I wrote an email to about the issue, so the only thing we can do right now is wait. :slight_smile:

It‘s all part of the new transitivity plan


I’m keen to learn some new kanji before going to bed! Looks like a temporary issue though.

Yes, same issue here

We’re looking into an issue with the jobs that unlock new content. We’ll post an update as soon as we’ve got more information.


Well, fun times, everyone. At 2021-04-02T09:37:00Z (or so), the server that processes unlocks decided to stop accepting new jobs. :frowning:

The good news is that all those reviews have been safely saved (yay!). We’re going to go back and trigger the logic that analyzes those reviews, so you’ll see those items unlock as soon as we’ve got that process going.

I’ll post another update once that’s running and another once it’s finished.


Aaand running.


for some reason 3 are still locked even tho all radicals are guru…?

The unlock process is still running. I’ll post another update when it’s finished. It’s chewing through a lot of records — y’all do a lot of reviews in two hours.


oh okay, thanks for the feedback and the help!