Why can't I add synonyms anymore?

(or is it sinonism, synonym, sinonym, synonim… whatever. One of them might be right…)

So, whenever I try to add a sinonym i ddo the same procedure I always did (clicked on the synonim thing, write and type enter, either that or click on the add button), but nothing happens. The synonims isn’t added at all, there’s not even a signo of effort, response from the site, nothing…

And it isn’t my connection because I’m doing the reviews just fine.
So… Anyone knows exactly why this phenomenom happens?


Hmm I just tried too and it didn’t work. It might have something to do with the maintenance they just did

@oldbonsai any ideas?

Was just about to report the same problem. Was adding em fine last night so no doubt related to the maintenance.

Same problem here, moved this post to bugs and errors

I’m on the root cause of this one. Give me a few and I’ll post as soon as it’s fixed up.

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Same problem here.

I also just had a bunch of reviews come back immediately after finishing them. It was all vocab I lessoned last night, and the SRS progress script says I still have 20 at apprentice 1.

Other stuff in the same review session still promoted as expected. And when I reviewed those 20 a second time, the review summary page showed 0 items. So I think either apprentice 1 items are not promoting correctly, or there’s some sort of database inconsistency around lessons taken too recently before the downtime.

@bblum theres talking about that issue over here if you wanna check it out

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I think we’re fixed up on this one — it was related to the downtime. It works with my testing, but let me know if anyone’s still having issues with the synonyms.


All good now!

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works fine now, さすがに速い!

I was having an issue with synonyms not saving after the maintenance window, after your fix just now synonyms work again.

Oh it seems it works again, thanks.

I almost thought I added all my synonim capability. That would have sucked o.O

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