User synonyms splitting & "undefined"

This is after disabling all of my userscripts:

My user synonyms have split up into the individual characters by themselves, but the answer is still marked as correct. This affected every item I checked, but only while doing the reviews. On the item pages, the user synonyms are displayed like normal (the way I added them).

When checking the previously answered items, it says “undefined” everywhere. However the items seem to move up and down the SRS as they should. Summary page looks normal, so do the item pages.

It might be worth noting that I turned the “SRS update indicator” off.
I have 13 reviews left right now so if you want me to try something, I can.

I’m using Firefox and Windows 7.

This was also mentioned here:
Notable API performance increase
Viet is aware of it and seems to be looking into the problem

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@Heiopei: can you do a reload on that window? We’ve changed a few things in the reviews, so if that’s been up for a while, you’re probably seeing some old Javascript on the page.

Let me know if that does or doesn’t fix it. Thanks!

You can do a force refresh with a ctrl + F5 (that makes it read the latest from the server).

It’s still the same

Ooop, sorry, that was just for the synonyms. We’re still looking into the ‘undefined’ errors.

The synonyms are still broken as well

Broken here - I use no scripts or any extras. It seems to be the first synonym only. I just deleted one and added it again only for the other to become corrupted. I daren’t try any reviews until fixed :frowning:

EDIT: It looks like the first item is being returned as an array and has escape characters in it too. This must be causing issues with formatting elsewhere.

Ack, mine just did this too–the synonyms split into individual letters! (Using the Allicrab app on iPhone.)

@steford @Caracal

But it still accepts your user synonyms as correct answers, right? It does so for me.

Yeah, it did. So I guess it’s not a big deal.

I’m out of reviews for now, so I’ll have to see if it’s still doing this later.

It looks like it just got fixed. The first synonym on the level kanji pages is now working. Will try a review.


I can confirm! The synonyms look normal again (but I forgot to check the “undefined” issue.)

Nice work, thank you!

You’re welcome! We just pushed up a fix for the ‘undefined’ part (and a couple other things), too. Let us know if anything else looks fishy.

@oldbonsai I just had something weird happen when I added a synonym. May be related to the other bug.

Then I deleted the two weird ones, and just added “idea” back, resulting in this:

When I delete everything and refresh, I get one synonym with empty braces, so it does sound similar to the array thing mentioned earlier.

I tried doing Ctrl+F5 and deleting it again, but the empty array still came back.

Mine is doing the same… It seems like WK should do some (more) testing before pushing changes.

To add, it seems like the first synonym gets added fine, but adding a second one causes weird things to happen.

Aaand fixed. Or so we think.

The bug was how the data was being saved. (Nerd explanation) We pushed a change this morning that started reading and writing those values using arrays (good!) but there were a couple spots we missed that were still treating them as strings (bad!).

Our tests missed the error because all of our tests wrote a single synonym, and the problem only appeared when writing more than one. So, we also updated the tests so we can catch it if something else weird happens in the future.

We also went in and cleaned up the data for anyone that added synonyms since this morning at about 8am PT, when we pushed the change up.

Let us know if you guys spot anything else whacky. Thanks for the patience!

I hit shift + F5 and its still happening

Try hitting the individual page for the subject you’re working on (like

If the synonyms show up normally there, it’s data that’s cached locally on your machine. Let me know which browser you’re in and I’ll point you to info on how to clear that out.

If not, well, send me the browser data anyway, and I’ll see why it might be persisting for you.