Who Has Reached Higher Levels with no Scripts? Raise Your Hands



Even if you do all of your reviews in one session, leveling up can introduce 70+ lessons, so it can take an hour or more to get through all the new radicals if you haven’t reordered them. As a result, you’ve lost an hour off of the minimum level up time. I realize it’s not “important” in the grand scheme of things, I’m just explaining why reordering can impact level-up speed.


I also sometimes use the reorder script when I’m short on time. Since Vocab don’t effect level up. I might reorder Kanji so I can knock them out before work, and then do Vocab when I get home and have more time to focus. This let’s me get to work on time without having to sacrifice level up speed.

Those are both great points! I always do all my level-up lessons at once, but I’ve never thought about the time it takes to get through the radicals/kanji or only doing radical/kanji reviews to save time or break up the batches. Reorder would definitely be super helpful in both cases.

Another thing that others haven’t said, but I regularly use one of the mark-right scripts to actually mark some of my answers wrong if WK accidentally accepted a wrong answer.

[UserScript] WaniKani Double Check? I thought it was broken by an official WaniKani update, and will never be fixed.

Although I use No Cigar, I would prefer to mark things as wrong sometimes as well (and probably blacklist some of the correct answer).

Yep! It works for me both on Chrome and android Firefox.

ETA holy cow I got a sect name


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Oh, and I’m currently level 31 with no scripts.

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