Which script could be causing a refresh on lesson review?

Hi All,

Every time I finish a bunch of lessons and start the review quiz, when I press enter or when I click the next button my browser refreshes.

The scripts I’m using are:

  • Open Framework
  • Confusion Guesser
  • Pitch Info
  • You Should Already Know This Reading
  • Jitai
  • Community Mnemonics
  • Keisei
  • Rendaku
  • Lesson Synonyms
  • Reorder

What does your Javascript console say? You need to also check the option to preserve logs so you don’t lose them after refresh. That would likely help someone answer as opposed to a shot in the dark.


I’ll check that and report back!

I’m guessing that it’s this:

ERROR: Execution of script ‘WaniKani Katakana Madness’ failed! answerChecker is not defined

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I get the same, so I just turn off everything as you don’t really need any scripts in learn mode. I think I remember figuring out it was the reorder script though. But I can’t do without that on reviews… :slight_smile:

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Just disable them one by one to see which is causing it