Scripts no longer work in Reviews?

I’m saddened. This is the “vanilla” review page (not that I hate it)
However, I have installed a number of helpful scripts which no longer seem to work.
(Let’s be honest, I want the super happy burn script to work again…)

The installed scripts are enabled, and all are loaded after WaniKani Open Framework.

The scripts I’ve installed for the dashboard do still work.

Any ideas peeps?

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Work just fine for me. :man_shrugging: What does your javascript console show?

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The console did not show any errors, and had a few warnings about cookies, but nothing else.

I restarted the browser (something I should have done first…) and now it has fixed itself.

Thanks for your help!


I’m having the same problem, sure a restart fixed it one or two times but now it doesn’t.
Also why do I have to restart in the first place? Never had to before.
What’s going on?

Did the restart fix your issue?

It’s likely that the browser plugin didn’t load scripts properly or didn’t apply them properly.

It did fix it but while studying, whenever I get to the quizz part, any input would refresh the page.
I just switched to the Tsurukame for now so that I’m not bothered by this anymore.
I’ll give it another try in a week or two to see if somehow things had to get fixed (idk).