Problem with a Script "hindering" lessons?


I recently went a (tiny little) bit overboard with adding scripts.

Since yesterday however, one of them seems to be “disabling” my lessons, meaning:

  • After I learned about my 10 new Kanji, I want to start the first round of reviews, but instead of starting the reviews, the page reloads and I’m back at the beginning
  • If I manage to start the reviews after learning about the 10 new items, it always tells me that my answer is wrong, even if it’s right.

This only happens when I’m learning about new items (during the lessons themselves).

Which App might be causing this?
Thank you for your help

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It’s very probably caused by Katakana Madness, which has been replaced by the Katakana for Onyomi script!


Oh, thank you! That seems to be it!! :smiley: