Which is better, IMABI, GENKI, TAEKIM?

I think genki is mandatory and the best ( especially when you have a tutor or classroom)
Then IMABI and TAEKIM, if I used genki then the both is still important?
Learn the three consume a large time, and I don’t see any reason to do that

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and I still not mentioned Human Japanese

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None of them are mandatory (I’ve never used Genki, but then again, maybe my Japanese knowledge could be better.)

I don’t think Genki is really in the same category. It’s a full textbook with drills and multimedia included. It’s a professionally produced product. Of course, that also means it’s not free.

I think imabi is probably better than Tae Kim, in the sense that Tae Kim seems to have some mistakes or lazy explanations. But imabi is a little bit difficult to parse at times.

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I use both GENKI and Tae Kim. I feel like Tae Kim’s explanation becomes SOOOOO much easier after I finished the first GENKI text book. I was so confused with Tae Kim at first but now it is very useful to me.

I want to use both, and I have same feeling as you
then I will use TAEKIM AFTER I’ve master genki I

many says imabi more comprehensive and more clarify than Taekim, what do you think?

I would use GENKI I first and then Tae Kim basic grammar.
After that I went to Tae Kim’s Essential Grammar and finish that.
Later on I do Tae Kim Special Expressions and start GENKI II.

Then I might go to intermediate after I finish Advanced grammar of Tae Kim and also GENKI II.

nice route,
many says imabi more comprehensive and more clarify than Taekim, what do you think?

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Why, thank you.
I have seen IMABI’S site but I find the explanations are harder than Tae Kim’s.
I might use IMABI after I finish GENKI II + Tae Kim and actually give IMABI another try. :smiley:

oh, that’s good experience
I will follow this

If you have just begun to study Japanese I would recommend Genki. I think it provides better context when learning new grammar points as well as useful “trivial” knowledge.

In my opinion, IMABI is too much for a beginner and should only be used if you have already studied for a long time and become interested in learning more about nuances and like to think in detail about the Japanese language. It will overwhelm you as a beginner.

Tae Kim feels like the fast-food version of learning Japanese to me :smiley:


my plan :slight_smile:
Genki 1 ----> Taekim ( first part )----> Genki II ----> Taekim (rest )------> IMABI

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Your Japanese is up there with the most respected on this forum.


I like Genki because it’s simple and I like IMABI because it’s in depth and good for furthering your knowledge.

Taekim is okay but I only use it as a last resort. My main resource is the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar and, failing that, Maggie-sensei’s website.

Genki is tried and true but for me it’s meh.
TRY! N5-N1 series are pretty cool. Pair that with Taekim for better experience.
But honestly just do the textbooks that really work for you and help you understand and focus.

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