Tae kim + genki

Do u use genki along with tae kim?
I see if u use genki then no tae kim and vice versa
The combine two make u confused because there are many repetition
Ur opinion?

Im using bunpro and genki and lingodeer, is tae kim good enough more than them ?

Totally my opinion, so don’t take this as the only answer: repetition is not just good, but also necessary. Genki covers a lot, but not everything. Just like WaniKani and every other resource. You’ll find 99% of your kanji here, but not everything. Using multiple resources helps to really solidify your knowledge. The only drawback is if you get bored and you stop processing what you’re reading because you feel like you’ve seen it before. The trick is to practice repetition without allowing yourself to view it as tedious, y’know?


I’ve never used LingoDeer, just Tae Kim and Genki (and others you’ve not mentioned).

Tae Kim doesn’t have exercises, it is just information and examples of how to apply that information.

I read through Tae Kim before starting Genki so that I would already be familiar with the concepts before seeing them in Genki where I would need to produce oral and written work myself. I do think it helped.

I agree very much with Christian’s comment that repetition is necessary to reinforce new concepts - you won’t learn everything absolutely solidly on the first pass.

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I use both Tae Kim and Genki. I prefer Tae Kim (honestly don’t know why I bought Genki, since as an ESL teacher, I feel that textbooks aren’t super practical for learners), but as has been noted already, repetition is good. If textbook-style materials provide the guidance or security needed to keep moving forward, then go for it. I think it’s nice to have different resources cover similar materials, because sometimes one clicks better, or a concept makes sense after seeing in a couple different contexts. I find Tae Kim’s explanations and exercises are short and clear, but if I feel like I need some extra explanation, I might reference my Genki books. I don’t think combining the two will cause confusion, but it does seem like it will ultimately take a lot more time than is necessary.

I tried Genki and I am not very satisfied. Personally to learn grammar I watch Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly. Everything is explained clearly and consistently. As far as I know it is quite similar to Tae Kim, but I did not use Tae Kim so no personal experience.

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