Where to create API version1

I want to use third party apps. They don’t work with the provided API v2 that one can generate on wanikani profile.

In my profile there is no solution and no advice on how to change the api key to the version 1.
I read in this community an entry some years ago… That there should be a possibility on wanikani… But still can’t find it.

Could someone please help?
Or recommend a workaround… That is good apps that are using the new api keys?

(for lessons review and stats)


On Android, Flaming Durtles is great for lessons and reviews.

On web, the wkstats website is great for stats.

All up-to-date 3rd party apps use v2.

Version 1 of the API was discontinued, so unless those apps are updated to support API v2, they will not work.


All the good ones do. :eyes:

Apps that haven’t been updated in a long time by now, soon a year, is perhaps using Api 1 and thus will not work. Just look for a similar app that is being updated still. :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for your replies. I hadn’t noticed that api v1 was no longer supported…
I used wanikani 2 years ago and still had everything installed - also 3rd party apps…which now to my surprise didn’t work. :slight_smile:
I reinstalled everything and now its fine!
Thanks again… And this time hopefully I won’t leave my learning path… :slight_smile: