Can't find WK Android App

Hi guys, can I please ask for help? I’m switching phones and would like to reinstall the WK App (this one in pink) but it doesn’t show up in the search results in Google Play. Is it gone??? =(((

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I’ve never used that wk app anymore after I switched to flaming durtle. The best wk app on android so far imo. Trust me Flaming Durtle is better.

either it was withdrawn by the author (faulty memory recalls something about that in the topic about FD, but quick look did not confirm that), or due to inactivity (2 years from the last update).
the package can be still found here.

second this, as one switched from WK app to FD without any regrets.


Regardless of whether it’s available it will not be updated to work with the ApiV2 once it’s released (I asked the author), so just get Flaming Durtles.


Apparently that app is no longer supported. I’d also like to recommend Flaming Durtles. When it first came out there were some bugs and issues, but they’ve all been patched now. The app runs really well and has way more features and built in scripts.

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As everyone else said, Flaming Durtles is amazing! I do my reviews and lessons on there more often than the actual website. The creator also responds very quickly if you have issues - I’ve reported a few bugs and always had a reply within a day.

Thank you everyone! Guess it’s time for me to move on to that too =)

Hi Guys I have an API Key on my Life Time membership. Can anyone tell me- “How do I get a New ApiV2 key so I can use Flaming Durtles” please ?
Its a bit of a mystery to me
Thanks in advance

Accound → API Tokens → Generate a new toekn

Then tick all the relevant boxes

Thank you Kumirei

Can anyone help me again Pleeeze? In installing FLAMING DURTLES (which looks awfull on my Android Pad… Yuk) I lost my connection to WaniKani Mobile I think because I upgraded The API v2 Flaming Durtles. I can still use “WaniKani Android” with the old API V1 token, but not WarniKani Mobile which I have been using since 2014 (yep I am a creature of habit.)
Because of its statistics and time up calculations, it gives me the incentive I need to keep going.
For me it is the best ever version, with none of the problems of putting the keyboard over the questions or reducing the script to the size of a flea. Please help me if you have any ideas. Thank you.

Hi everyone, can I ask for troubleshooting help with Flaming Durtles? It was working fine a few days ago, but suddenly I get an error message saying:

“WaniKani is not accepting your API token. Did you give your API token the correct permissions?”

^Not sure what permissions to tinker with since I didn’t really touch anything in the settings after installing the app. Any ideas on what I should do?

this question is better to ask in FD topic, but still.
open “Settings→API and audio download settings” in FD, there should be API token.
this token should be present on this page and have full permissions for “Assignments”, “Reviews” and “Study materials”.

at this point is looks like the currently specified API token is either marked as expired, or it does not have needed permissions.
if it is present and it has needed permissions, then only @ejplugge can answer what is wrong, uploading the debug log will be needed for this. and meanwhile, you can try to reinstall the application completely (but it means that it will redownload audio, which takes time).

API keys are not interfering, so on creating APIv2 key, you APIv1 key should continue working.
probably, regenerating APIv1 key might resolve the issue, but it it to be clarified with developers of WK Mobile.

while it is unclear how it looks like, a wild guess is that it should be better in portrait mode.

Thanks guys I am sorted now. Sorry I am such a Klutz. Can you tell me what FD topic means ?

there is a dedicated topic to discuss Flaming Durtles, having all related questions in a single place really helps.
(well, unless there are irrelevant messages…)

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